Active Commerce

Active Commerce provides fully-integrated product catalog and e-commerce functionality for Sitecore, so that developers and content administrators alike get to work within one unified platform for content, marketing and commerce. It’s the only e-commerce solution that has true experience management capability built in, allowing you to take advantage of Sitecore’s proven tools required to run successful digital experiences, including Marketing Automation, Experience Management, Business Analytics, Product Information Management, and Digital Asset Management.

Active Commerce also facilitates faster time to market through built in templates for your web storefront. From product browsing, to shopping cart, checkout, account management, general site content and more, Active Commerce provides an e-commerce front-end designed for a best-in-class user experience. The built-in components are 100% skinnable, either through CSS style changes or new markup. Active Commerce allows for complete design freedom, without forcing you to start from scratch. This means a significant decrease in the time and cost needed for implementation, infrastructure and maintenance.

The Active Commerce Services layer is a robust, extensible set of APIs for implementing e-commerce functionality on Sitecore. Products are modeled within Sitecore CMS alongside other website content. Hooks to third-party services for taxes, shipping, payment and more can be configured within the CMS as well. Standard APIs can be utilized to integrate other third-party systems, or in-house systems such as ERPs, Order Management Systems, and Product Information Management. Active Commerce also provides an advanced promotion/discount system based on the Sitecore rules engine. Every e-commerce implementation is unique, so Active Commerce is built to allow extension and customization, while minimizing impact of upgrades.