The CELUM Content & Collaboration Cloud optimizes the complete lifecycle of digital content and the interaction of people in teams. The CELUM products-Workrooms, Digital Asset Management, and Contidio-establish the foundation for the creation, administration, publishing and monetization of content. Clients benefit from accelerated marketing and communication processes, additional revenue streams, reduced costs, and increasing productivity. More than one million users and over 800 companies in 35 countries rely on CELUM.

Key product offerings

Digital Asset Management - The Integration Hub for Product Content

Digital asset management is the backbone of any content supply chain. Finding and sharing content as well as integrating it to other systems are key factors of the content lifecycle. CELUM’s high-end solution helps large organizations streamline their product and branding processes, saving time and money.

Workrooms - For all the Teamwork that happens without projects

Start a Workroom®, invite people, add files, assign tasks and get going. All teamwork – even communication – takes place within an agile, visual collaboration space. The result: no administration, transparency, effective teamwork, and faster results.

Contidio - Procurement & Delivery for Content Marketing

CELUM’s Content Marketplace powered by Contidio.com redefines how brands acquire, exchange, and distribute content, providing high quality, original content from a wide variety of trusted sources. More choice when buying content, saving money and reducing legal risk.


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