Dramatically increase productivity and simplify translation in Sitecore

A LanguageWire Sitecore Connector automates and speeds up your translation process. A connector acts as a direct link between your Sitecore CMS and our language platform. You can order translation from our global network of language experts directly from the Sitecore user interface – saving massive amounts of time, simplifying your content creation workflows, freeing up resources and reducing errors.

The core value in a LanguageWire Sitecore Connector is how it simplifies translation by automating previously manual work. A connector gets rid of the need to keep track of multiple files, tracking edits via email and the dreaded time spent copying and pasting.

Key benefits of the LanguageWire Sitecore Connector:

• Shorten your time to market
• Avoid annoying copy and paste errors
• Simplify multilingual content creation workflows
• Free up resources and reduce costs
• Centralise translation and keep an overview
• Added security via HTTPS encrypted data transfer
• Standard Sitecore package that’s easy to install

See how the Sitecore Connector has changed the way global company Aggreko creates content:


Learn more about how you can communicate, publish and launch faster at less cost in all your languages and markets at www.languagewire.com


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