The most successful companies in the digital world are the ones with the best content. 88% of your customers will have thoroughly researched you online prior to first contact, so your content really matters. To be successful, you need insights that help you direct your content and marketing strategy to have the most positive impact on your business.’s content analytics platform enables you to identify how well you are reaching and educating your target prospects and customers, which types of content and marketing are best at driving leads / sales, and what is consistently over or under-performing.

Complete with a directly measured content analytics platform and an internet wide view of audience attention across thousands of premium websites, uniquely enables businesses to predict successful strategies, benchmark results, and make data informed investment decisions.

Hundreds of companies like the National Football League, Bloomberg,, HelloFresh, National Basketball Association, and NBC rely on’s enterprise services to guide their digital content and marketing efforts on a daily basis.

With, businesses are able to unlock content insights that are unavailable through legacy analytics platforms, saving time and money while enabling decisions that directly impact leads and revenue. Because is built specifically for content creators and marketers, your entire company can understand the value of content and opportunities with your digital audience without having to work through a specialized analytics team, and your analysts can focus on big picture analysis and implementation.

Key product offerings Analytics Dashboard -’s content analytics dashboard provides actionable insights that content creators, marketers, and website owners use to make key decisions about their web content strategy. The platform features a user friendly design which unlocks the power of data to everyone across the business, not just those with expertise in legacy tools like Google or Adobe Analytics. uniquely focuses on analytics and insights from the perspective of content as the starting point. By tracking the companies your content is reaching, their level of engagement with your sites and apps, influence on lead / customer conversions, all with the granularity of single pages or content grouped by creator, section, topic, referral source, or marketing campaign, will guide you toward the exact right strategy to maximize results on your digital investment. Currents - directly measures roughly 4,000 websites globally, including large consumer websites like Wall Street Journal, niche and B2B publications like Adweek, and corporate destinations like The Ladders. analyzes all of the content across these sites which are visited by over 1 billion unique visitors each month to identify the topics, categories, platforms, and audience acquisition opportunities that exist across the web. The Currents Dashboard gives users direct access to understand what digital audiences are engaging with so you can have an edge when designing your own content and marketing program.

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