Uniform connects Sitecore to modern developer tools and leading CDNs. This means new sites can be developed using a Jamstack approach, connecting leading static site generators to Sitecore MVC or JSS sites and deployed to CDN of choice for fastest performance, resilience and global scale.

Uniform also extends Sitecore personalization to be edge-based personalization, this means personalized enabled in Sitecore can run on an edge of choice and loaded in 15-50ms, making it blazing fast and scalable on the edge.

Uniform works with Sitecore 8.2 – 9.x with SXA, MVC or JSS.

Other Uniform capabilities includes conversion of existing Sitecore MVC sites to Jamstack, Google Analytics integration and incremental publish for Jamstack.

  • Blazing fast site performance = more engagement = more topline growth.
  • Edge-based personalization = personalize more for more visitors and be able to scale according to high traffic.
  • Cost optimization = optimize infrastructure investments and for most enterprises, Uniform can provide significant cost savings.
  • Faster time to market = use Jamstack approach to create new sites or apps faster and more efficient.


Uniform is simple install with Sitecore, for more info, please see our Docs section on https://uniform.dev .

More info: https://uniform.dev?utm_source=sitecore

Key product offerings

Uniform for Sitecore, comes in 3 tiers:

  • Uniform for Sitecore – Standard Edition
  • Uniform for Sitecore – Corporate Edition
  • Uniform for Sitecore – Enterprise Edition

The different editions are based on usage, based on number of sites and yearly sessions.

Office locations

HQ is based in San Francisco, US. But we have presence in Australia and Europe as well.