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Align your C-Suite and drive digital transformation


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This on-demand webinar explores the motivations of the C-Suite, including the language they speak and what inspires them, so you can align them to drive digital transformation.

Most executives don’t really understand the technology and processes required for successful digital transformation, and in turn underestimate the effort, time, and cost required. Neither do they understand the expected results. 

Which is a problem, because meeting modern customer expectations demands digital investment. You know that, but you need buy-in from the rest of your C-Suite. Discover how to win their support. 

Our on-demand C-Suite alignment webinar outlines the perceptions and motivations of: 

  • CEOs

  • CTOs

  • CFOs

  • Head of Sales

Discover what matters to them, the specific language that resonates, and how to inspire each to action. 

Webinar presenters:

Paige O'Neill

With over 20 years of experience in senior marketing roles, Paige leads Sitecore’s global marketing organization. She is a data-driven CMO with a track record of accelerating growth and developing thought leadership programs that build awareness and differentiate companies. Her diverse experience crosses martech and digital experience; enterprise software, cloud, mid-market, collaboration, and mobile technology; cloud computing, green technology, and supply chain software.

Stefan Tornquist
Senior VP for Research and Content Strategy

Stefan manages all of Econsultancy’s research and content in North America. He is the primary author of over 100 studies exploring topics in digital marketing, technology and business transformation with partners such as Adobe, Google, IBM, Microsoft and Salesforce.

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