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Why upgrade to Experience Platform 9.1


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Version 9.1 has officially dropped. In this webinar, Sitecore’s Mike Shaw joins several of Sitecore’s product managers for a lively conversation on the marketing benefits of Sitecore 9.1.

Discover 9.1’s advantages—Why upgrade now

Today’s marketer needs to create, edit, deliver, and analyze personalized experiences that scale—and a platform that empowers them to do so. 

Join a live discussion between Mike Shaw, Sitecore’s Platform Product expert, and several of Sitecore’s product managers in our webinar, “Why upgrade to XP 9.1,” to explore XP 9.1’s game-changing updates, including:

  • The power and ease of Cortex—Sitecore’s machine learning engine
  • Why marketers should care about headless CMS with JSS
  • 9.1’s critical enhancements in speed and automation

Mike Shaw
Platform Product Marketing
With a creative agency background focused on personalization, marketing strategy, and technology, Mike Shaw brings a unique perspective to implementing the Sitecore experience platform. Before joining Sitecore, he led the strategy practice at Hedgehog with a specific focus on strategy implementation for Sitecore. He is passionate about people and technology that enables brands to treat each visitor as an individual.

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