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DX ANZ Virtual Conference

Discover how brands win a larger share of mind and wallet by creating meaningful customer experiences.

Shaping meaningful digital experiences in ANZ

Digital and customer experience is the new brand. With brands having to move most of their customer interactions from offline to online, how do they continue to meaningfully engage their audience, differentiate themselves from competition and fight for relevancy? Now more than ever, a meaningful customer experience is crucial to gaining a competitive advantage and building an emotional bond – a human connection – between consumers and brands.

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Doing Business Differently

Discover how to do business differently, why fun should be a factor in your strategic plan and how ordinary people achieve the extraordinary.

Emerging Tech for CX & DX and role of Ethics

Join Dr Catriona Wallace as she presents the key technologies underpinning successful Digital Transformation strategies and how they can occur within an Ethical framework.

Innovations shaping DX and CX

Learn how Sitecore is innovating to help organisations engage the customer with the right experiences at the right place and at the right time.

Panel Discussion: Beyond 2020 – What’s next

What's next for digital experiences in ANZ and what do organisations need to be considering for success in a digital-first omnichannel world.

ROI of Content Management

Learn more about Sitecore’s solutions that enable organisations to own the entire content lifecycle, empowering marketers to overcome the challenges of content creation, distribution and reuse.

What do gin, sandwiches, peacocks have to do with DX?

Matt Jones from Four Pillars Gin shares his insights into what businesses and leaders can learn from the world of craft gin.

Fireside Chats

Fireside chat with BUSSQ

Learn from Mirko Roettgers at BUSSQ Super on how they are delivering hyper-personalised member experiences.

Fireside chat with CSIRO

Hear from Scott Taylor from CSIRO as he discusses the citizen-led digital transformation journey.