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How AI is revolutionising commerce to increase conversion rates

September 18, 2019


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We are living in truly exciting times — an age where the digital world is transforming at an unprecedented speed. People are interacting with commerce businesses in more ways than ever before and now dictating the terms on where they want to engage.

This webinar will take you through the realms of AI possibilities in commerce, and how Sitecore ® Experience Commerce ™ combined with Coveo’s AI solution influences transactions, retention, and continued customer satisfaction by providing relevant recommendations . Hear best practices and insights on how AI can help you make informed predictions about customer preferences that lead to increased conversions and positive business outcomes.

Webinar presenter:

Simon Langevin
Sr. Product Manager

Simon Langevin is the Senior Product Manager of Commerce for Coveo, ensuring that Coveo boosts the conversion of every one of its ecommerce integrations. He previously led Coveo’s Sitecore Technical Support team as a Solution Architect.

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