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VIROLOGY: The science of spreading your message wide and far


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In this masterclass, you’ll learn a lot of things about why people behave the way they do when it comes to sharing information with others. Why are people attracted to some information and not others? What makes people spread good things about you, and how do you get noticed?

The secret to share is understanding how people care

What makes content, or a brand or idea, go viral? In this webinar Brent will discuss the science behind why things go viral, the psychology of building a strong brand, and how to create messages that people can’t resist sharing.

  • Going Viral: What’s the key to making something go viral? Brent discusses the myth of controversy, and the fundamentals of creating shareable content.
  • Emotions part I: Why is it that when we experience something memorable it causes us to tell others? The answer is because of emotions. Learn how to create strong emotions in your content to drive sustained sharing.
  • Emotions part II: Emotions are important for getting your message shared, but how do you transmit them? Brent discusses emotion transmission, and the role of music and memories.
  • Grabbing and keeping Attention: Fundamental to viral marketing is grabbing and keeping people’s attention. Brent discusses how to create anticipation and the role of storytelling.
  • Self enhancement: Why do people share some content but not others? Learn the psychology behind sharing, and the role of membership cues and core values.

Brent Coker
Brent Coker
Consumer Psychologist

Brent Coker woke up one day to find his “Freedom to Surf” study had gone viral. Since then, he has been researching why ideas spread, and what causes people to share. He has a PhD in online consumer psychology and is developer of the bump algorithm that predicts the spread of memes and video ads. Coker’s research has appeared in the New York Times, Washington Post, and Scientific American, to name a few. He lives and works in Melbourne Australia (University of Melbourne), where in his spare time he enjoys cycling for fitness and motorcycling for fun.

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