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A radically different approach to DX

Learn about Sitecore's DX strategy for, and how we deliver on our promise to connect the experience with our platforms, people and processes.

Digital Experience Strategy at Sitecore
At Sitecore, we are keenly aware of the imperative for a great digital experience across the buyer’s journey. On, we are striving to deliver a real-time demonstration of creating a connected, empathetic customer experience, and we want to be transparent with you about how we do that.

Laying the groundwork for a DX transformation

In 2021, we realised that a digital experience transformation was due on Join Alison Sainsbury, Senior Director of Digital Experience, as she explains how the groundwork was laid and how we planned to deliver a full-funnel marketing strategy through our own platforms.

It's time for a full funnel digital marketing strategy
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Sitecore as a case study: our DX strategy
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Making an impact

Three must-haves for long-lasting DX change
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Selecting and integrating the right martech infrastructure to deliver your desired digital experience is the crucial first step in bringing your digital strategy to life. At Sitecore, we use our own platforms wherever possible, plus best-in-class martech. Learn more below.  

The marketecture

We've embraced a modular approach to our technology stack, allowing us to create an optimal experience for our business and customers from our own tools and other best-in-class technologies.

Scaling account based digital experiences

We use account-based experience (ABX) to create consistent, relevant account-based journeys for customers and prospects, from their first brand experience to their thousandth

CDP and Personalize on XP

We’re combining the power of XP and CDP to build relationships, drive the best experience possible, and provide a transparent customer experience that proves Sitecore's ability to deliver.


Creating and motivating a team to deliver your DX strategy is crucial. Our DX Team is a global group of high quality professionals, dedicated to providing our customers and colleagues with everything they need to succeed.

Structure for success

The Digital Experience (DX) team is founded on a central team of digital experience leaders with strong executive sponsorship and dedicated relationships with adjacent internal teams and IT leaders.

Core principles of the DX team

Our DX team is using an accelerated, coordinated, cross-functional digital marketing approach to design our digital experience and build strong relationships with our audience


Process is where the rubber hits the road for any organisation. Having the right processes in place to foster collaboration, encourage experimentation, and measure the outcomes is the third pillar of great digital experience. 

Organizational buy-in for digital transformation

Digital transformation requires cooperation and alignment across multiple departments and divisions. At Sitecore, we've used these five steps to bring together a diversity of viewpoints and create lasting change.

Metrics that matter

Digital goals and the engagement value scale (EVS) are key elements for optimization. They help us to better understand the audience and customer journey, and provide relevant content to the right audience at the right time.

Categorizing the customer

Segments allow us to address the needs of individuals and groups who visit our site; they provide the backbone for our content creation, personalization, and optimization strategies and are essential to long-term success of these efforts.

Democratizing the data

At Sitecore, we’re on a mission to enable everybody in our organization to use and interpret data comfortably. We want to empower our entire organization to build experiences and campaigns that are informed and powered by that data.