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The ultimate guide to marketing in context

Connect: How to use data and experience marketing to create lifetime customers

The book that SBOS™ wrote

Connect is the definitive, hands-on guide to achieving business success by delivering great customer experiences. Authors Lars Birkholm Petersen, Ron Person and Chris Nash—all experienced members of Sitecore Business Optimisation Strategies (SBOS) team—draw on their experiences working on many hundreds of organisations’ digital marketing strategies. Their book clearly and simply sets out how companies can attract customers and convert them into lifetime advocates by offering personal, contextual and connected experiences.

Digital maturity

Lars, Ron and Chris explain how companies can accelerate their marketing maturity by leveraging data and technology, then linking marketing goals and metrics to business objectives. The book’s companion website includes additional content and downloadable chapters with recommendations, initiatives, work-arounds and step-by-step processes.

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Accolades for Connect

Customer experience management is no longer an option, a nice-to-have, or a remote step in the five-year strategic plan. Now is the time to act, embrace technology, and build connected experiences that put the customer at the center. Success is dependent on truly understanding the customer needs and matching the complexities of an ever-changing digital landscape with the goals of your organization. Read this book today, and prepare your business for a superlative tomorrow.

Scott Liewehr
President, principal analyst, Digital Clarity Group

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