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The Customer Experience Maturity Model®

A vision of your company’s strategy for a more customer-centric mindset—and a guide for how to get there.

Create a roadmap for marketing in context

As your organisation evolves to higher levels in the Maturity Model, the strategic value of your marketing increases. For instance, companies at the Initiate stage have a basic website, some analytics and email capabilities. But those at the seventh stage, Lifetime Customers, use contextual intelligence to understand and predict customer behaviour and deliver the most relevant content, in real time, wherever the customer may be.

Seven stages comprised of three macro phases


You focus on attracting more visitors vs. optimising the experience or improving your relevance to visitors. Stages include:

1.Initiate—static websites, basic analytics, email blast capability

2.Radiate—increase in channels beyond email, content becomes outside-in

3.Align—digital goals start aligning with strategic objectives


You’re more focussed on engaging visitors and converting on important digital goals that will drive business. Stages include:

4. Optimise—improving key customer experiences using testing and personalisation, monitoring and optimising content and collecting better customer intelligence

5.Nurture—enhancing customer experience by connecting more channels and increasing total conversions


You’re focussed on creating strong customer advocates. This requires valuable customer insights across multiple teams, systems and touchpoints. Stages include:

6.Engage—connecting different online and offline customer data repositories to empower a single view of the customer

7.Lifetime Customers—using customer insights with intelligence, predictions and agility as a key competitive advantage

Tactics and metrics mature with each stage


  • Brand-centric content
  • SEO
  • Email broadcast
KPIs: Traffic and content use


  • Mobile, social, PPC channels added
  • Messages integrated cross-channel
KPIs: web and channel analytics


  • Campaign optimisation
  • Assessing quality of customers
  • Comparing cross-channel effectiveness
KPIs: Value per visit, Experience Analytics


  • Personalisation
  • A/B testing
  • Tracking customer behaviour
  • Personal profiles
  • Communities for sharing
KPIs: aligned with strategic objectives


  • Customer-centric, trigger-based dialogue
  • Collecting explicit and implicit customer behaviour
  • Automated flows
KPIs: activity, engagement at different journey stages


  • Connected customer data regardless of touchpoint
KPIs: tied to customer lifecycle funnel

Lifetime Customers

  • Data-driven marketing
  • Data at every touchpoint is immediate, relevant, predictive
  • Automated data analysis and optimisation
KPIs: customer lifetime value, loyalty, retention

What is your digital maturity?

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