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The SBOS™ board game

Map out your plan for digital experience quick wins in four easy moves.

Play the SBOS board game

The Sitecore Business Optimisation Strategies (SBOS) team developed a board game that has inspired the digital experience plans of many Sitecore clients. It’s a quick, easy and fun way for your digital marketing team to understand the opportunity that Sitecore® Experience Platform™ affords them and become aligned around your digital strategy.

How it works

The game makes it easy for you and your colleagues to discuss and align around digital goals and quickly define tactics and cases for optimising customer experiences that drive your strategic objective. In four simple steps, the game will help your team:

  • Identify a strategic objective (e.g., increase revenue)
  • Choose digital goals that are vital to the strategic objective (e.g., purchase, register for a webinar and join loyalty program)
  • Identify quick wins that will help optimise customer experience (for instance, A/B split testing and personalisation)
  • Make a business case with your expected ROI

It doesn’t take more than an hour to play, and once you’re finished, you and your team not only have alignment on a path forward but can implement your plan using Sitecore. That's much better than a boring meeting, right?

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