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The Sitecore® Xccelerate Program, from SBOS™

Helping brands build business value with Sitecore® Experience Platform™ 8.

Our mission to share best practices

The Xccelerate Program helps select Sitecore customers use the Sitecore Experience Platform (XP) to realise clear strategic business value from their digital investments. Companies invited into the program—along with their implementation partners—work closely with the Sitecore Business Optimisation Strategies team (SBOS™) in a series of workshops developing, shaping and improving their strategies for marketing in context of customer interactions and gaining business benefit from doing so.

Since the invitation-only Xccelerate program began in 2015, SBOS has used the strategic and business insights gained to build best practices, methodologies, frameworks and tools. SBOS regularly shares these real-world findings with every Sitecore customer in the eBooks and papers it publishes.

Accelerate your maturity

Data-driven context marketing is a fast-moving world. The Xccelerate program helps the SBOS team, its Xccelerate customers and partners and every Sitecore customer evolve digitally to stay ahead of the game and deliver competitive value.
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The Xccelerate commitment

SBOS looks for your commitment to achieving context-marketing success. A range of stakeholders, from brand managers to digital strategists to board executives, need to be involved and committed in the workshops, and appropriate budget allocated to maximising use of Sitecore XP, to generate great business results. The Xccelerate engagement doesn’t cost you anything—nor does it replace an implementation partner—other than this commitment.

The process
SBOS concentrates on guiding Xccelerate customers to the middle stage of the Sitecore Customer Experience Maturity Model (see above). This requires companies to use data to build better customer insights, offer customers relevant and in-context personalised experiences, and use Experience Analytics to inform tactics and strategy.
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Xccelerate in action

Herschend Family Entertainment owns the Dollywood theme park in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. The business results they have achieved with the help of their implementation partner and SBOS have been impressive. In less than a year, Dollywood has moved from the earliest of the seven stages of marketing maturity (Initiate) to the fourth stage (Optimise).

We started the process by moving Dollywood to the second stage of marketing maturity—Radiate—as quickly as possible. This was achieved by meeting two objectives:
  • Provide a mobile-optimised experience to park visitors
  • Create and distribute good quality content to them
Moving to the Align stage was next. To achieve this, Dollywood worked with SBOS to:
  • Align strategic objectives with marketing and digital objectives
  • Learn more about their customers—by profiling implicit browsing behaviour to better understand in-the-moment intent
  • Discover the best ways to attract people to their website
  • Connect their whole digital ecosystem (including sites and storefronts using separate technology systems) to better understand behaviour across sites
  • Ensure that all these insights informed tactics for increasing sales and campaign activities
Going to Optimise was a big step for Dollywood. SBOS helped the team tap into Sitecore’s personalisation and testing capabilities and work hard to put the findings to work. At this stage Dollywood began to:
  • Optimise customer conversions by testing campaign messages and calls to action and learning which website copy and images convert best
  • Personalise experiences based on contextual customer parameters such as in-the-moment intent (how a visitor is currently using the site) as well as geolocation. For example, customers based nearby who were unlikely to need accommodation on their visit enjoyed a web experience without accommodation suggestions
  • Become more sophisticated in data analysis to better understand behaviour from different segments
  • Begin to understand what the possibilities are and how they need to invest more in this (they have already started to realign resources to focus on this opportunity)

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