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Sitecore Connectors

Sitecore is a rich platform with extensible integrations that preserve the connected experience for the next emerging channel.

Not just one-off integrations

Sitecore Connectors are prepackaged integration products that deliver out-of-the-box functionality so that you benefit from the integration immediately. They also allow for customisation to fit your specific needs. When you use a Sitecore Connector, you get more than just an integration to a third-party system. Each connector is built on a framework that provides a blueprint for how to deliver data and functionality to Sitecore. This ensures that Sitecore Connectors are not custom-developed, one-off integrations, but are highly usable, consistent, maintainable and upgradable.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Sitecore's Microsoft Dynamics CRM connector puts the decision of 'who owns the data'? in your hands, because Sitecore uses the data wherever it resides. Customer information in the CRM can influence the online experiences you manage from within Sitecore, and a customer's online behaviour can influence their profiles in the CRM. Your customer segmentation will also co-exist in both systems.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Sitecore Connect™ for Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows retailers to analyse and personalise online experiences from the Sitecore Experience Platform (XP) in real time, while also delivering advanced back-office capabilities from Microsoft Dynamics, like support for loyalty programs, gift cards, call centre management and order management.

Active Directory Module

The Sitecore CMS Active Directory Module integrates Active Directory domains with the Sitecore WCM solution. You can integrate the domain users and groups available as Sitecore users and Sitecore roles immediately after the module installation and configuration. Moreover, user profiles can be easily extended with the custom properties from the Active Directory.


Sitecore Connect™ for Salesforce lets you truly personalise the experience – combine Sitecore with Salesforce CRM or with Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Third-party systems Sitecore connects with

Frameworks vs. connectors

A framework defines the functionality that’s delivered, or the problem we’d like to solve. Sitecore has frameworks for commerce and streaming video and for CRM. It doesn't matter which commerce system, or streaming video service or CRM you use, there are certain things that you will always need in Sitecore in order to have an integration, and the framework provides these. A connector is built on a framework and is what actually connects Sitecore to a specific third-party system. For example, there is a Microsoft Dynamics AX connector for the Sitecore Commerce Connect framework. Other commerce providers have also built connectors on the Commerce Connect framework.The benefit of this model is that it allows Sitecore to define the standards for integrating commerce or CRM functionality, for instance, into Sitecore without worrying about exactly which commerce or CRM system will be connected. This approach also gives partners or customers the flexibility and opportunity to build connectors themselves, if warranted.

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