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Sitecore® Commerce Connect

Seamlessly integrate third-party commerce solutions and those from Sitecore with the Sitecore® Experience Platform™ to gain the benefits of context marketing before, during and after the purchase.

Consistent commerce integration

Sitecore Commerce Connect is an integration layer between a front-end web shop solution and a back-end eCommerce system. Used by Sitecore partners, developers and Sitecore Experience Platform (XP) customers, Commerce Connect delivers built-in engagement for commerce and allows a choice of third-party commerce solutions for which Commerce Connect connectors have been created for the back-end system.

Commerce Connect consists of two components: Connect Core Framework contains the abstract service layers and performs engagement activities—such as tracking page events and goals, acting on conditional rendering rules and following up on engagement automation plans, actions and conditions.

The second component, Connect Connectors, hooks into pipelines and integrates with external commerce systems. These connectors are not a part of the core framework, but are needed since Connect cannot run as a stand-alone system. Developers can use Connect Connectors to integrate Sitecore XP with one or more commerce systems.

Healio integrates conference registration with content
Prior to the launch of The Wyanoke Group’s, users had to register for Wyanoke conferences and education courses on separate websites. Sitecore Gold Implementation Partner Arke integrated Commerce Connect into the Healio environment, exposing orders and products to Sitecore. As such, an individual’s conference and education purchases can be tagged, searched and treated like any other piece of content. 
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Key features

  • Consists of two components: Connect Core Framework contains the abstract service layers and performs engagement activities, while Connect Connectors hook into pipelines and integrate with external commerce systems.

  • Enables you to develop connectors for specific commerce or ERP platforms

  • Defines actions for engagement on the commerce platform, such as product viewed, items added to cart or order placed

  • Lets you define 'placeholders' for commerce action handlers that determine where the commerce vendor logic goes, such as pricing, promotions, availability, shipping options, related products, etc.

How it works

Commerce Connect extends the Sitecore Experience Platform and requires the use of the Sitecore Experience Database™. Once activated, you are ready to begin connecting and synchronising your catalogue content.

How you buy

Licenced as a module of the Sitecore Experience Platform, you request a licence key for Sitecore Connect on the Sitecore Developer Network or from your partner or Sitecore sales.

Commerce Connect in action

Merchandise and edit product content within Sitecore interfaces.
Standardised storefront templates get you up and running quickly.
Commerce management tools are available directly from Sitecore Launchpad.

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