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Digital analytics

Sitecore® Experience Analytics helps you to gain insight into the value of customer visits to your marketing goals.

Contextual insights

With the Experience Analytics available with the Sitecore Experience Cloud™, you can track traditional web metrics—visits, journey patterns, downloads, conversions, keywords and more—but you also have the powerful advantage of precisely knowing your marketing efficiency for each digital channel and effort.

Experience Analytics’ 80+ out-of-the-box reports allow you to identify patterns and trends in customer interaction data collected from websites and other data sources in the following categories:

  • Dashboard – provides an overview of key analytics and performance indicators.
  • Audience – helps you to gain an understanding of who your visitors are, where they’ve come from, and the effectiveness of your buyer persona strategies.
  • Acquisition – outlines what is driving traffic to your website, e.g., which campaign, channel, keywords or referring site—including offline behaviour.
  • Behaviour – helps you to analyse your visitors’ behaviour. What pages did they visit? What did they download on that page?
  • Conversion – helps you to understand what is most effective in driving customer interest in your product or service.

Sitecore Experience Analytics features

Countless tools for various channels exist to assess performance and optimise a website—Sitecore’s analytics aggregates these dissimilar metrics to influence more effective actions and tactics.

Engagement Value Scale

A qualitative metric that connects visit value to your marketing goals, the Engagement Value Scale not only drives our analytics, but also our testing and personalisation features. This common platform metric enables marketers to quickly focus on areas for improvement, which saves time and increases the ability to execute.

Personas and patterns

As visitors interact with a site, Sitecore XP can assess their patterns, label them accordingly and record that pattern label in the Sitecore® Experience Database™ (xDB). Combine this with Engagement Value to identify the personas most valuable to your business and for whom you can prioritise targeted experiences. 

Answers to frequently asked questions about Sitecore analytics

How do I go about creating an Engagement Value scale?

All goals are not created equal—some are much more important than others, so naturally Engagement Values reflect this. As you define goals within Sitecore, you apply to them a value that indicates their level of importance, based on a scale of your choosing, toward the business objective.

How is Engagement Value different from traditional web analytics?

While marketers may use a number of metrics to assess success—like page views, unique visitors, time on page or number of asset downloads—very few of them actually help marketers to evaluate whether the specific asset, campaign or page helped to achieve the overall objective.

For example, your organisation’s objective is to sell more widgets. Your home page is getting thousands of visits a day, and you see high conversion rates from your home page to other pages around the site. You sell $100,000 worth of widgets. But what contributed to the sale?

If you were able to see that, despite traffic numbers, almost all the people who actually bought a widget requested a demo; 75% of them downloaded a certain white paper; and 20% signed up for the newsletter, you’d know to optimise that demo and white paper. Traditional web analytics don’t tell you how the numbers are contributing to business objectives like the Engagement Value does.

How is Engagement Value different from a lead score?

The difference lies in the focus. While the two are very similar and an Engagement Value can be used as a lead score, a lead score is not necessarily an Engagement Value.

At its core, a lead score is used to measure a prospect’s propensity to buy and readiness for outreach from your sales reps. Because of this, content and history for lead scores are often purely weighted toward sales motions, but an Engagement Value’s focus is much more flexible.

Engagement Values are tied to goals you define in Sitecore: goals that support a business objective. Sometimes that objective isn’t a sale but rather engagement with content mapped to customer journeys, or education on how to use a product or registration for a community. Lead scoring won’t apply to these activities, even though they may support your goals. Too often, manipulating lead scores into measures of marketing effectiveness results in reps calling on people who have already purchased.

How are Sitecore Analytics different from Google Analytics?

Both Sitecore and Google Analytics provide a wide variety of traditional metrics that indicate the health of websites and campaigns. Where Google’s strength lies in data aggregation and inference, Sitecore analytics help you directly communicate and execute effective marketing decisions through Engagement Value and granular, real-time customer insights.

Are there additional benefits from using Engagement Value?

When it comes to assessing performance and optimising a website, there are countless tools for various channels. The difficulty lies in aggregating dissimilar metrics to influence more effective actions and tactics.

Sitecore’s Engagement Value not only drives our analytics, but also our testing and personalisation features. This common platform metric enables marketers to quickly focus on areas for improvement, which saves time and increases the ability to execute.

Learn more about Experience Analytics and creating your Engagement Value Scale in our white paper,
Sitecore® Engagement Value best practices.

Experience Analytics in action

Customise Analytics Dashboards to populate the most important information to you.
Understand which goals your visitors are engaging with the most to determine optimisation strategies.
Quickly see how your customised visitor personas and patterns are responding to your content.

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