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Take back control of your content

'Headless' doesn’t have to mean marketers lose control.

What you need to know

Delivering an exceptional customer experience beyond the web is the key to optimising conversions and revenue. Your audience is everywhere, and headless CMS architectures ensure that your developers can quickly reach them with rich experiences on mobile apps and IoT-connected devices. But headless systems can disconnect marketers from the customer experience. It’s time to take back control.

How Sitecore CMS is different

Sitecore Omni features

Enhancements to Sitecore’s headless capabilities with the release of Sitecore Experience Cloud version 9.1 bring you greater reach, more flexibility, more control

Retain customer data online and offline and across devices

The Universal Tracker expands behavioral tracking for a seamless experience by retaining data even when the visitor goes offline or switches channels.

Ease of access for developers

Javascript Services open up application development to popular frameworks so developers can connect to Sitecore XP’s behavioral tracking, personalization, and optimization features.

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Learn more about Sitecore’s headless CMS platform.

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