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Contextual commerce

Market in context of current and past customer behaviour—and purchases—to manage an end-to-end customer experience.

How do you define 'customer experience'?

As marketers, we focus on managing the 'customer’s experience' with our brand. We pay attention to web content consumed, assets downloaded, time spent on digital channels, referring sites, email open and click-through rates, and more: All to market in context of digital behaviours to drive awareness and demand for our brand and products. The goal is often to drive leads—to encourage a sale. But when digital marketing platforms and their data are disconnected from commerce systems, marketers can deliver the unwanted experience of driving demand for a product their audience has already purchased. Or they miss upsell and cross-sell opportunities and prompts that encourage prospects to return to an abandoned cart. It’s time to rethink how we define the customer experience as one that includes, rather than ends with, the purchase transaction. And that demands a tighter integration between digital content and commerce platforms.

Meet the new power couple.

Siloed commerce challenges


of IT and marketing leaders

feel their organisation lacks insight into the purchasing experience


of IT partners experience integration challenges

when delivering a seamless experience throughout the purchase process


of IT and marketing leaders

are unable to personalise the purchase experience with their WCM

*Sitecore digital marketing and commerce research, Sept. 2016

How to rethink commerce

FitForCommerce shows how four Sitecore customers integrate content and commerce effectively to deliver seamless personalised experiences.

Our latest study by research firm Vanson Bourne tapped into 1,240 marketing and IT decision makers, Sitecore partners, and suppliers worldwide and found that businesses must optimise their online presence across content and catalogue management to bring context to user engagements. We look at the challenges organisations are facing when expanding their eCommerce channels.


Context-driven content

What were once communications channels are now becoming commerce channels, with consumers making purchases on their TVs, on Twitter, and by text message. In the past, commerce and content data and experiences sat in their own silos. Those days are gone. Learn how context-driven content drives sales growth. 

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Connecting marketing to commerce: From idea to reality

Personalised commerce experiences are much more effective at engaging consumers and turning them into brand advocates. But personalised commerce—or delivering a commerce experience in context of past and current customer interactions—means transforming commerce systems into marketing platforms. And that means connecting data. And shifting roles, responsibilities, even organisations. Not easy. We talked to six of Sitecore’s commerce-savvy implementation partners to get insights into how they lead successful commerce implementations. Learn the three core secrets that will help you deliver contextualised commerce, bridge organisational divides, and manage the intricacies of legacy systems.

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Revolutionise commerce

How can your marketing and merchandising efforts benefit from a connected content-commerce platform? How does it really change how you operate and interact with customers before and after the sale? We outline five examples of how natively integrated content-commerce systems deliver a far superior commerce experience for your customer, your marketing and commerce departments and your brand overall.

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The contextual commerce platform

The Sitecore® Commerce brochure

Deliver contextual shopping experiences that create customers for life.

Why invest in Sitecore® Commerce?

How Sitecore Commerce 8.2.1 can help you employ contextual commerce as a competitive advantage

Thinking beyond, and before, the abandoned cart

How context-driven commerce drives revenues across lifelong customer relationships

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