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The Sitecore Experience Cloud™: Continuously optimising personalised experiences

Watch as our 'demo customer' Habitat Electronics uses the Sitecore Experience Cloud™ to collect and connect internal and external customer data, gain insights about that customer with machine learning, continuously optimise her experience and deliver personalisation so accurately that she makes a purchase.

transcript Transcript
Today is truly a new day.

Customers everywhere expect immediate, personalised interactions, whenever they engage with the brands they love. That means marketers need to understand the context of each and every consumer.

And with all the data we have at our fingertips, 'context' is increasingly deep and complex.

I’m Amy, VP Marketing at Habitat Electronics, and this is how we define success. The Sitecore Experience Cloud™ fills in the question marks about our shoppers, by empowering us to collect and then connect all sorts of disparate information about them.

Let’s look at one customer’s experience.

Vicky is an existing Habitat Electronics consumer, and she’s returning to our site after having searched for high-definition televisions. But since her last visit, we’ve learned more about her.

You see, Sitecore’s data collection capabilities allow us to combine our profile of Vicky with information from just about anywhere.

A multiple listing service tells us that she has just purchased a new home.

The Sitecore Experience Cloud further unpacks the added details to reveal that Vicky’s new house is in Las Vegas.

And so, based on her demographics and prior history, Sitecore’s machine learning predicts that there is a high likelihood that she will purchase a home theatre – insight that would have taken Habitat’s data specialist weeks to uncover.

The Sitecore Experience Cloud also continuously tests traffic flows, comparing which offers yield the most value. This helps us maximise engagement by automatically favouring winners over losers.

So when Vicky navigates back to our home page, Habitat already knows what others like her have found most valuable, and dynamically personalises that page with content featuring a home theatre system.

But Vicky isn’t sold just yet.

So, we refine our offer even further. Habitat knows that Vicky purchased her home in a neighborhood of Spanish-style homes.

And we rely on the Sitecore Experience Cloud to surface a dynamic tool for choosing a home theatre: one in a living room styled very much like hers.

To entice her to close the sale, our offer now includes 10% off the promotion price on her next purchase.

Vicky happily completes her purchase.

All of this personalised interaction converts our visitor into a satisfied Habitat buyer, and lays the foundation for many future transactions to come.

The Sitecore Experience Cloud: transforming data into insights, and continuously optimising experiences for precise personalisation.