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Online commerce: Plotting a course to personalisation


Make your customer relationships personal to drive a bigger bottom line

Our latest research shows that marketers call 'moment of sale' their most successful digital customer engagement. Yet the battle is fought before the sale is made—and it's more intense than ever. 

As customers demand smoother, more personalised experiences, businesses must optimise their online presence across content and catalogue management to bring context to user engagements. Download the report, 'Online commerce: plotting a course to personalisation', to learn:

  • How much online sales contributes to organisations' bottom lines (and how quickly it's growing)
  • How organisations are investing in digital CX (and how much)
  • The specific challenges that stand between you and optimal digital CX (and how to beat them)

Inspire your organisation to deliver the personalised, contextualised commerce experience your customers demand. Download the report below.

Online commerce: Plotting a course to personalisation