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Sitecore Value Realisation Services

Sitecore Value Realisation Services blend technology and digital marketing expertise so that you can achieve higher implementation quality, reduce risk and maximise the value of your overall project investment.

Putting Sitecore experts to work for you

Working directly with Sitecore technology and digital strategy experts, Sitecore customers gain quick access to advanced skills and best practices to optimally leverage Sitecore website, context marketing and commerce capabilities.

No one knows Sitecore like Sitecore

Sitecore technical consultants and digital strategists have deep expertise in Sitecore technology, marketing business process and the marketing technology ecosystem. By working directly with Sitecore, you get a first-party point of view on the marketing and technical best practices that drive successful Sitecore implementations.

Tried and proven best practices

Around the world and over 15 years, Sitecore has honed best practices with a systematic approach to each project, with clear methodologies and step-by-step guidance to ensure that your digital marketing and business goals are efficiently realised and exceeded. 

Direct connection to product innovation

The Sitecore Value Realisation Services team collaborates directly with Sitecore product and support teams, staying on top of the latest innovations and recommendations. 

Technical Consulting service packages

Stepstone Review

Sitecore reviews your implementation at each stage of the project lifecycle to ensure optimal implementation aligned to recommended practices and overall launch readiness.

Stepstone XP Activate

Sitecore collaborates with your internal and external teams to establish a foundation for the project you want to develop. We help you to define your architecture at the content, application and system level; we provide reviews to assess the solution as the implementation progresses; and we provide technical expertise to help you to better understand your platform.

Stepstone Commerce Activate

Sitecore collaborates with your internal and external teams at a deeper technical level on your commerce project. We help you to define your architecture at the content, application and system level; we provide reviews to assess the solution as the implementation progresses; and we provide technical expertise to help you better understand your platform.

Stepstone Review

XP Activate

Stepstone Commerce Activate

Installation Assistance (optional)
Jumpstart Marketing Foundation
Milestone Review
xDB Readiness Review
Pre-launch Review
Technical Project Review
Jumpstart Technical Foundation
Architect Assistance
Performance Tuning
Jumpstart Commerce Foundation

Add-on Technical Consulting services

  • Technical Account Manager
  • Custom Technical Assistance

SBOS Marketing Consulting service packages

Quick Wins – Road Map

Sitecore assesses your level of customer experience maturity and aligns digital goals with strategic objectives, incorporating analytics insights with a two-day, intensive, on-site workshop to generate a road map of quick wins.

Quick Wins – Optimise

Sitecore will go beyond delivering the road map to provide added business value from personalisation and optimisation tactics through configuration assistance, and generate a business case and playbook to drive ongoing efforts.

Quick Wins – Commerce Optimise

Sitecore’s Road Map and Optimise services are specifically designed for optimising your digital commerce business. Personalisation and optimisation tactics will leverage the full capability of the Sitecore Experience Commerce platform to help you deliver more valuable commerce experiences for your customers and drive more online revenue.

Quick Wins - Road Map

Quick Wins – Optimise

Quick Wins - Commerce Optimise

CX Maturity assessment
Stakeholder insights/alignment
Analytics insights
On-site workshop
Road map
Configuration of Sitecore analytics and data points
Two rounds of SBOS Marketing Consulting Quick Wins Optimisation configurations
Business Case
Contextual commerce data requirements
Contextual commerce configuration

Add-on SBOS Marketing Consulting services

  • Advisory
  • Marketing Solution Review
  • Boot camps and Masterclasses

Benefit from exclusive Sitecore expertise

With exclusive insight into thousands of customer implementations, upcoming features and product road maps, and a holistic understanding of the marketing technology ecosystem, Sitecore Value Realisation Services are designed to complement services delivered by your implementation partners to help you:

  • Rapidly prepare for your Sitecore installation and implementation
  • Ensure a solid technical and marketing project foundation
  • Work more effectively with your implementation partner
  • Meet your project’s business goals
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