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Marketing automation

With insight into every customer interaction with your brand, you can automate both the frequency and context of interactions over any channel, at any time.

Put an end to fragmented conversations.

Customers no longer rely on a single channel to learn about products and services. With cross-channel marketing automation, you can orchestrate interactions and automated responses and content based on the context of how, when, where and why customers are interacting with your brand. That contextual insight is the key benefit of automating marketing engagement with the Sitecore® Experience Platform™ (XP). Its back-end data store collects information about every customer or prospect’s interaction with your brand, which gives your communications much more relevance and meaning.

Drag and drop

Sitecore XP enables you to organise and structure ongoing conversations across a number of channels with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Its Marketing Control Panel allows you to set up automation campaigns in which you identify the conditions under which an action will be triggered and which visitors will be targeted. This allows you to manage specific parts of your online conversation with your customers.

Sitecore XP remembers the last interaction you had with a customer and enables you to pick up that conversation right where it left off—no matter which channel or device your customer switches to next—maintaining continuity across multiple channels. You can monitor visitor behaviour and define actions that take place if visitors click on a specific page or fill out a form—whatever goal or outcome you define for the automation.

Then, Sitecore XP enables you to enrich visitors’ web experience by creating personalised content for them or enrolling them in an automation campaign that interacts with them in predefined ways. For example, you may elect to configure an action (an email with details on special offers) for a specific audience that completes a form to download a brochure about the product associated with the special offer.

Most useful is that, as actions and automated interactions take place, Sitecore XP (through its Sitecore® Experience Database ™) adds to the customer profile data it collects, which makes each subsequent step of the conversation that much more relevant. It even connects data coming from unknown visitors to data about 'known' prospects once the visitor provides contact details—so that anonymous and known data is combined into one profile.

Consolidation enables powerful omnichannel marketing

The Sitecore team showed our marketing department how it can take all of these third-party tools and potential other vendors and consolidate everything into one solution that we can manage internally. Now marketing and IT understand each other better and can strategise together.

Bret Lipscomb
Digital Solutions Architect, MCR Safety
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Relevant, timely experiences work

Whether you’re engaging with one or a thousand visitors, you can automate contextual experiences.
How others do it
Many marketing systems have some form of automation, but it often applies to a single channel (like email) or requires use of several siloed systems to accomplish all of the marketing requirements.
How Sitecore does it
Sitecore customers benefit from one connected platform to support all their marketing activities, in context, across all channels.
The result
Combine one platform with one set of tools (including automation), add the assets and trigger conditions and you’re easily engaging in context automatically.

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