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Orchestrate every customer interaction across any channel from one integrated system.

Skip the back-and-forth.

You’re trying to coordinate digital marketing campaigns across every channel. But you have to endure endless back-and-forth between systems for content management, campaign setups, email, tracking, SEM and marketing automation. With Sitecore, it’s different. You’ll be able to orchestrate every move across every channel—all from one system that connects all those silos into one platform. 

Harmonise your customer experiences

Our unified platform lets you do everything you need in a single environment. With the Sitecore® Experience Platform™’s back-end database, every digital interaction can be stored and aggregated with data from other systems (like your CRM). That changes everything. Because understanding your customers’ past and current experiences, and knowing exactly where they are on their buying journeys, lets you deliver the right content, just when they’re most receptive to it.

In the Sitecore Experience Platform (XP), you keep track of your campaigns in its  Campaign Creator application, which generates a campaign tracking co de (for tracking external interactions and measuring traffic and efficiency) that helps you know which activities belong to which campaigns.

Sitecore XP’s Marketing Control Panel lets you create new campaign groups and custom campaign facets, which you use to describe aspects of a campaign that are appropriate to your organisation, such as geography, business unit and so on. You can also set up vanity URLs or aliases for campaign websites and extend campaigns to sites other than your own, using Sitecore’s Federated Experience Manager.

Sitecore XP’s Experience Analytics tracks real-time information about where web visitors are coming from, which channels they use to access your campaign content and which pattern cards (or personas) they match. You can also view reports about which campaigns are triggered most frequently and which ones lead to the highest conversion rates against your campaign goal. The Engagement Value Scale helps you evaluate how effective your campaign is and highlights the areas for optimising performance. Personalisation rules let you customise a campaign’s content (based on contact location, for instance), making it relevant for each contact.

Plan, execute and report on campaigns based on the real business value of every engagement. It’s never been easier to deliver and track content and offers that make a real impact on strategic objectives. This is agile campaign management built around a single view of… everything. You’ve never marketed like this before.


Test changes for yourself and optimise your campaigns on the fly—no matter how basic your IT skills are. Making rapid adjustments or pivoting mid-campaign is effortless with Sitecore XP’s Campaign Creator application.

Learn how

Real-time engagement on every channel

Delight your customers and deliver target-busting campaigns
How others do it
Treating mobile as a channel delivers a fragmented, inconsistent experience for customers, which is no longer a sustainable business tactic.
How Sitecore does it
Sitecore’s single integrated platform connects all the contextual information about your customers and their interactions, delivers a robust content management engine and distributes omnichannel content automatically.
The result
So your customers continue to connect with you—wherever they are, whatever their device or history of current and past interactions. 

How Sitecore meets marketing challenges

Marketing campaigns

Orchestrate every digital marketing activity across every channel on one unified platform. 

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Mobile solutions

Let mobile off the leash. Here’s why mobile is about people, not devices—and what that means for you.

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Think one-to-one marketing is just a fairytale? Think again. See how we make fine-tuned personalisation simple.

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360° customer view and analytics

A single view of the customer puts the impossible within reach. Smash down silos and turn data into action.

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Marketing automation

When you communicate in context of customer interactions, customers will look forward to your next email.

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Testing and optimisation

If you don’t test, you’ll never learn. See how easy we make it to test and optimise customer experiences.

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Customer experience doesn’t end at purchase. Combine content with commerce and watch your sales grow.

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Content governance

 Learn how we give you total control over your content—as well as total peace of mind.

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