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Mobile solutions

It’s about customers on the go, not the devices they may be carrying.

Context on the go

Mobile isn’t just a marketing channel or a device anymore. It’s a context. And not being able to extend your digital marketing content to mobile customers, or delivering a mobile experience that is inconsistent with other interactions and unique only to the device or not being able to improve your mobile customer’s experience? Those are the very challenges that Sitecore’s mobile development capabilities help to address.

On-the-go experiences

Sitecore helps you deliver useful, relevant content to customers, whether they’re on a walk, in a shopping mall, at an airport or on the sofa. Every interaction with your brand can be valuable since the Sitecore® Experience Platform™ collects and combines such a wide range of mobile information—from cross-channel use, to geo-location, to screen size and resolution, to device type. With the Sitecore® Mobile SDK and Microsoft’s Xamarin, you can configure mobile content that’s both responsive and adaptive and device-aware. But, importantly, the content is also configured to be independent of device, which future-proofs the experience as the number of addressable 'things' continues to explode.

For your mobile apps, developers can use Xamarin’s single code base and familiar-to-.NET developers C# and Visual Studio to access and present content across iPhone, Android and Windows devices—and all of it is presented from a single content source. So your content creators can update content once and have it delivered to the website, mobile site and mobile app.

None of this would be achievable without an integrated experience platform that lets you test, personalise and optimise content for mobile use rather than building yet another siloed channel for mobile devices.

How big is mobile?

Very big, if you see the customer experience the way prominent thought leader and futurist Brian Solis sees it. His eBook outlines four ways you should rethink the customer experience as mobile-first—and mobile-only.

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The freedom to stay close

Lift the barriers to communication with your wandering customers—and enjoy life-long relationships.
How others do it
Treating mobile as a channel delivers a fragmented, inconsistent experience for customers, which is no longer a sustainable business tactic.
How Sitecore does it
Sitecore’s single integrated platform connects all the contextual information about your customers and their interactions, delivers a robust content management engine and distributes omnichannel content automatically.
The result
So your customers continue to connect with you—wherever they are, whatever their device or history of current and past interactions. 

How Sitecore meets marketing challenges

Marketing campaigns

Orchestrate every digital marketing activity across every channel on one unified platform. 

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Mobile solutions

Let mobile off the leash. Here’s why mobile is about people, not devices—and what that means for you.

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Think one-to-one marketing is just a fairytale? Think again. See how we make fine-tuned personalisation simple.

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360° customer view and analytics

A single view of the customer puts the impossible within reach. Smash down silos and turn data into action.

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Marketing automation

When you communicate in context of customer interactions, customers will look forward to your next email.

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Testing and optimisation

If you don’t test, you’ll never learn. See how easy we make it to test and optimise customer experiences.

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Customer experience doesn’t end at purchase. Combine content with commerce and watch your sales grow.

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Content governance

 Learn how we give you total control over your content—as well as total peace of mind.

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