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Content governance and compliance

Scale your content while adhering to regulatory standards.

The enterprise advantage

Content management and governance shouldn’t be about trying to avoid an expensive disaster on your corporate website. It should be about offering a great experience to your customers across a number of channels and devices, while complying with constantly changing data privacy regulations, governmental accessibility requirements and corporate policies. Governance may not be sexy, but it’s essential, and Sitecore’s history of enterprise technology ensures compliance.

Create beautiful customer experiences—safely.

As you’d expect from a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management, Sitecore helps your IT team ensure content governance across different channels and formats, with absolute confidence.

By automating compliance with evolving regulatory and internal requirements, you free your content teams to get on with what’s really important—delivering the super-relevant experiences that customers love.

Make the Sitecore® Experience Platform™ the backbone of your content governance strategy, ensuring your content creators and editors complete all their tasks and deliver content that is up-to-date, accurate, timely, and compliant. Sitecore makes it easy to give your customers the contextual, personal experiences they deserve.

Granular security settings give you total control over where content is created and which user groups can create or edit particular content types. For example, specific groups or individuals can be authorized for either editing, translating, approving, or publishing content. Or, in the case of W3C multilingual compliance, the system will prevent a piece of content from being published until it’s also published in other languages.

Content governance is essential to your digital strategy

This white paper covers governance in a very frank, real-world way, in the context of avoiding the top five 'site-killer' disasters that often cause site development projects to blow up.

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Build content success with confidence.

Sidestep dangers and disasters as you delight customers.
How others do it
Content management and governance shouldn’t just be about trying to avoid an expensive disaster on your many channels.
How Sitecore does it
Sitecore offers total control over who and where content is created, while making it easy to comply with evolving data regulations.
The result
You’ll be free to concentrate on offering great experiences to customers while resting easy at night.

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See how Sitecore takes the headache out of content governance

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  • Give your content teams freedom to publish safely.
  • Use granular security settings to get the control you need.
  • Easily comply with data regulations, now and in the future.

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