Modern content management solutions have the power to transform operational processes, enabling brands to outmaneuver the competition and create exceptional customer experiences. And for marketers and tech teams in particular, the benefits are considerable. Here are five ways a modern CMS empowers marketers and tech teams to deliver first-rate CX.

1. Seamless content creation and collaboration

When marketing and tech teams work in an agile, collaborative way, they deliver the best results. For this reason, many of the world’s leading brands now trust hybrid-headless cloud-based content management solutions to drive their digital experiences.

With a flexible, composable CMS, developers can build applications block by block, and marketers can create and switch out content quickly and seamlessly, as required. Applications can also easily connect with other systems, eliminating development bottlenecks and speeding up campaign launches.

2. Faster content delivery across channels

A modern, cloud-based CMS that offers a user-friendly interface and intuitive workflows enables marketers and content teams to create and manage pages with ease, expediting the delivery of content to the most relevant websites, channels, and devices.

With marketers self-serving content creation and related processes, development teams have more time to focus on innovation.


3. User insights that inform content strategy

By offering marketers insights into content usage and user behavior, a modern CMS makes it possible to identify which content combinations and channels best influence the buyer journey, enabling marketing teams to build data-driven content strategies and make measured and informed decisions.

Working side-by-side with marketers, developers can ensure teams have access to the type of data that will drive positive change and results.

4. Faster access to innovative technology and quicker time-to-market

Modern content management systems are designed to leverage the latest innovations in content creation, including generative AI. Marketers can speed up time-to-market by using content recommendations and first drafts derived from generative AI, freeing up content teams to review and personalize this content and focus on higher-value content projects.

Meanwhile, developers can fine-tune AI/GenAI tools to marketers’ needs, ensuring smoother content management.

5. Reduced costs and increased revenue

Cloud-based, hybrid headless, and API-driven content management systems offer a higher ROI than traditional CMS solutions by allowing marketing teams to manage day-to-day workflows and quickly deploy campaigns via the cloud.

Meanwhile, the plug-and-play configuration of MACH-based content management systems enables developers to integrate the latest cloud apps and services quickly and easily.

Drive operational and CX success with a modern CMS

From providing valuable insights and analytics to leveraging the latest AI-driven innovations, a modern cloud-based CMS can truly empower your marketers and development teams to deliver best-in-class customer experiences.

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Chris Purcell is Senior Product Marketer – Content at Sitecore. Connect with him on LinkedIn.