At Sitecore, we’ve introduced a new Value Improvement Program to measure customer experience and collect insights from you to help guide our future roadmap. Here’s how we are putting feedback we’ve received into action.

Improvements for 2024

Support communication processes

You told us: Greater level of communication from support on tickets, incidents, and updates would be beneficial.
We listened: We have focused on improving our internal and external processes to ensure that you’re well informed.

How Sitecore is taking action:

  • We are building alerts that you can subscribe to, reducing impact in the case of a significant incident to make sure you’re promptly notified.
  • We have introduced further troubleshooting guides, allowing us to detect incidents more quickly.
  • We have created new roles within our team to ensure that your ticket has an owner, responsible for monitoring and communicating with you.

Smoother upgrades

You told us: Upgrades can be complex and confusing.
We listened: We’re providing better resources to help guide you through changes and upgrades.

How Sitecore is taking action:

  • We focused on testing and reviewing upgrade documentation to ensure it’s clear and detailed.
  • We are working on providing greater communication on the direction of our products and roadmap.
  • We implemented improvements to our change processes to avoid conflicts and disruptions that could impact you.

Greater business support

You told us: Your account teams are great at helping you drive better value from your Sitecore products, and more engagement with them would increase these benefits.
We listened: We have designed and introduced a new Customer Success model, to ensure customers of every size have dedicated support.

How Sitecore is taking action:

  • We have hired several new Customer Success Managers in every region, so each Customer Success Manager has greater resources to best support their customers.
  • 100% coverage across our entire customer portfolio, to ensure you always have support when you need it.

Notifications for Upcoming Renewals

You told us: You would like to receive notice of your upcoming renewal in a more timely manner.
We listened: We are creating a new process to ensure you receive several notifications to remind you of a renewal date.

How Sitecore is taking action:

  • We are currently building a system to notify your key contacts that a renewal is coming up, ensuring that you are best informed about any upcoming renewals.

Simplified learning platform

You told us: The learning platform and content could be more user-friendly.
We listened: We’ve made it easier to access and navigate the learning platform and we’re producing more engaging content.

How Sitecore is taking action:

  • We’ve introduced Kryterion Single Sign-On integration with Okta, syncing Kryterion Webassessor logins with the learning platform for easy and consistent access.
  • Developing more micro eLearning video content using cutting-edge technology like Synthesia.
  • We’re updating our learning plans to ensure they are progressive and support you best, from introducing our products through to deeper proficiency.

Visibility of certifications

You told us: You would like to be able to easily share your certifications.
We listened: We have introduced digital badging with Sitecore Learning, allowing you to share your certifications via email or through LinkedIn and other social media platforms.

How Sitecore is taking action:

  • Digital badging went live in December 2023 with our XM Cloud Developer Certification.
  • 90% of learners have claimed their badge, which is higher than the industry average of 67%.
  • We'll be issuing digital badges for updated and new exams, as well as issuing historical badges to learners who have previously earned certification when an updated exam is deployed.
  • We’re adding more badges in 2024 for other certifications, as well as new roles like Business Users.

Improvements from Previous Years

More product documentation

You told us: You would like to have more comprehensive documentation.
We listened: We have focused on improving the documentation and resources on our products.

How Sitecore is taking action:

  • We are Hiring! Sitecore has received feedback from you about wanting more documentation and has invested in hiring an additional writer.
  • We recently added a Japanese version of the documentation for Sitecore Experience Platform (XP) and Sitecore Content Hub (CH).
  • We’ve improved and expanded the documentation for JSS, and have integrated this with the rest of the Sitecore documentation.
  • We’ve made focused improvements to the documentation for Sitecore Digital Asset Management (DAM) and will be moving on to the documentation for Sitecore Content Marketing Platform (CMP) next.
  • The Sitecore documentation site is now a one-stop shop for documentation for all our products, including for the recent acquisitions. Over time, the documentation for the acquisitions will become even more tightly integrated with the rest of the Sitecore docs.

Support improvements

You told us: We would like to have more support from your technical support team.
We listened: We increased our support team members to provide you with increased responsivity

How Sitecore is taking action:

  • We have recently increased the number of our support representatives to provide better response time and higher quality calls.
  • We are continuously investing time and effort to educate and coach our support representatives.

New orientation program

You told us: Onboarding and navigating the Sitecore world can be challenging.
We listened: We recently launched an orientation program designed to give you all the information you need to be successful.

How Sitecore is taking action:

  • Our orientation program assigns a dedicated customer success resource who steps you through an introduction to the Sitecore ecosystem, spanning across our product suite. This includes access to:
    • Training
    • Support policies
    • Professional services offerings
    • Webinar and events
  • We have also improved processes for communicating program availability through customer success introductory calls and have updated quick reference cards for easier access to resources.

Better performance

You told us: Visibility into performance and results are key to your implementation success.
We listened: Increasing performance metrics and enhancing transparency is now a focus item for our product team.

How Sitecore is taking action:

  • We focused our work on improving performance for our version 10.0 and 10.1 of XP.
  • We focused on improving the tracking and Sitecore xConnect layer to increase throughput and reduce utilization. Having focused extensively on thread management, performance results have improved on our latest versions.

About the Author
Bringing more than 20 years of experience in the software industry, Lee Miles leads Sitecore’s customer success initiatives, support, services, knowledge, and learning as well as a newly created renewals team. Follow him on LinkedIn.