In today’s challenging landscape, offering a seamless and smooth customer experience is of paramount importance. In fact, 90% of businesses - regardless of their business vertical – say they are prioritizing customer experience. 

Crucial to delivering exceptional customer experiences is understanding and analyzing customer data. But to do so, the insights derived from customer behaviour data need to be easily accessible and quickly digestible.

From the outset, Sitecore has provided visual analytics features in Sitecore XP and XM, including the groundbreaking Path Analyzer feature in Sitecore XP. 

Now, adding to pre-existing visual analytics capabilities in our DXP solutions, Sitecore XM Cloud boasts a centralized visual analytics app, while Sitecore CDP has been enriched with a new customer journey analytics dashboard, further strengthening its analytical capabilities. 

The new analytics features added to Sitecore XM Cloud and Sitecore CDP are instrumental to transforming raw customer data into actionable insights. They enhance customer journey mapping through improved visual analytics, contributing significantly to a better customer experience. 

Customer journey analytics in Sitecore CDP

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Sitecore CDP offers a wide range of reports and dashboards for marketers and business users to understand customer behavior on their website and channels. The latest addition to the visual analytics capabilities available out of the box (OOTB) in Sitecore CDP is the customer journey analytics dashboard. It enables customers to enhance their understanding of user behavior and page performance on their website and other channels. 

The Sankey diagram shows the number of visitors landing on a page along with the referring pages and the subsequent pages that visitors go to on the website. This further enhances the Path Analyzer feature available in XP.

The customer journey map enables businesses to visually understand the various guest navigation patterns across their website, giving brands the opportunity to fine-tune their customer experience by optimizing the customer journey path on their website and removing pages that are causing high bounce rates. 

Built for speed and agility: Importance of CDP dashboards performance

Enterprise-level organizations require a solution that not only supports large-scale data analysis, but also maintains high performance while delivering insights at lightning speed.

Sitecore CDP has achieved exceptional speed and performance by utilizing Metric Layer framework, generating a set of metric layer tables that contain all the necessary details needed for a high-performance dashboard. This enhancement has notably improved speed and efficiency, ensuring that even the most data-intensive and complex journey analytics load in under 5 seconds.

Handling complex customer journeys

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As customer journeys are often complex, a successful conversion path will generally involve multiple pages. Consequently, it is necessary for a customer journey mapping tool to visualize even the most complex customer journeys. The Sitecore customer journey dashboard is capable of handling up to 20 distinct nodes (Webpages), visualizing the customer journeys effortlessly. 

Sitecore CDP customers can now log in to their Sitecore Cloud Portal to check out the new customer journey analytics dashboard. 

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Learn more about customer journey analytics in Sitecore CDP Docs

Centralized dashboards with XM Cloud Analytics

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Understanding what is happening in each page that forms part of the customer journey, and optimizing as necessary, is the next step in fine-tuning the customer experience. Doing so requires a transition from journey analytics to granular content analytics. 

The content analytics for each individual page enables customers to understand how the individual pages are impacting the user journey. For instance, a page might have a lot of users leaving the journey and churning, or a page might have a surge in users. The individual page analytics explains why or how this is happening. 

Are you interacting with users through content using Sitecore CMS (XM Cloud)? The newly added XM Cloud analytics app enables you to track the performance and impact of the different content pages through page analytics. The analytics app also offers an overview of the website performance through site analytics, which can be used as a benchmark while analyzing individual page analytics. 

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Optimizing page performance is a continuous process, and content managers often run personalization efforts to improve the customer experience. XM Cloud comes with native personalization capabilities, enabling users to create different page variants based on pre-existing condition templates to deliver tailored and customized content. 

The page analytics available in the XM Cloud Analytics app tracks analytics and behavior at the page variant level, enabling users to monitor personalization efforts. Different page variants can be compared side-by-side to see how they’re performing against one another. 

Customer journeys often involve the capture of customer data and feedback. A webform is an integral part of a CMS that fulfils the need of capturing customer data on the website. XM Cloud offers a modern SaaS webform experience through XM Cloud Forms. The Forms analytics feature included in the XM Cloud analytics app allows content managers to understand the performance of forms and how they’re impacting the customer journey on the website. 

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Learn more about XM Cloud Site, Page, and Forms Analytics in Sitecore XM Cloud Docs.

Building for the future

Sitecore is committed to further strengthen the analytics capabilities across our different products in the coming months. Stay tuned to learn more about upcoming analytics features.

Surya Shanmugam is an Associate Product Marketer at Sitecore. Follow him on LinkedIn.
Ahmed Elyamany is a Senior Product Marketer at Sitecore. Follow him on LinkedIn.