Our composable SaaS portfolio gives you complete choice and flexibility. That means if a content management system or a commerce platform is all you need, then you can just plug that product into your existing stack.

But we’re also developing our products to be “better together” – providing an end-to-end, fully integrated DXP for customers who want to partner more strategically with Sitecore and maximize the value of our composable DXP.

“Take your stack where you want to go.”

Across the portfolio, you can add products that help you do things like increase scale, uncover customer intelligence, or unlock 1:1 engagement. The freedom to take your stack where you want to go is one of the most powerful reasons we believe in the future of composable.

Scaling digital experience

Our Content Hub products help you take your digital experience to scale. Content Hub DAM is a digital asset management tool that lets you store and manage all your digital assets in one place. It gives you complete control of your content to access and send assets to any customer touchpoint – from apps and websites to billboards, digital adverts, and kiosks.

Content Hub Operations helps your teams take control of the end-to-end content process with seamless collaboration and workflows. From strategy to creation to analytics, it makes content simple and means global teams can be more effective and drive more value from their DXP investment. Operations also goes beyond your DXP to embrace your complete content strategy – meaning you can use it to manage every marketing touchpoint, above or below the line.

And Connect is our new integration platform as a service (iPaaS). Connect offers enterprise scale and thousands of pre-built connectors to every vendor imaginable. There‘s out-of-the-box connectivity to all Sitecore products and drag-and-drop configurability in a low-code/no-code environment to manage all integrations in and out of your composable DXP. This brings a huge amount of flexibility and solves the “integration tax” of the composable DXP.

Relevance in every moment

We believe brands can differentiate themselves from their competitors by delivering digital experiences that are truly relevant for every customer. That means understanding every customer in every moment; showing them what they’re looking for and predicting what they might need next; sharing timely and targeted content; and personalizing every interaction they have with your brand.

We’ve got composable products that can achieve all that – and more. CDP is our customer data platform that connects all your customer data and uses it to inform real-time engagement. Personalize is our A/B testing and personalization product that delivers relevance in every moment. And Search can power your website with AI-powered search and content discovery.

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Smart campaigns

Last but not least, Send is our email marketing solution for automated, personalized campaigns. It really comes into its own when aligned with your commerce strategy – where relevant engagement unlocks revenue. Automated campaigns for abandoned carts and personalized product suggestions increase conversion rates – all with a modern no-code editing experience that makes it as simple as drag, drop, done.

Just touching on some of the examples of what’s possible with our SaaS DXP, hopefully you can start to see the huge potential. We’re so excited by the breadth and depth of what our composable portfolio can do – and can’t wait to take more brands on the journey with us.


Dave O'Flanaghan is the Chief Product Officer of Sitecore. Find him on LinkedIn