The future is composable, and the future is here today with Sitecore.

One platform, content to commerce: we are the only enterprise DXP vendor with an end-to-end suite of composable products; the only vendor that can offer all the capabilities of a composable DXP; and the only vendor that offers unlimited choice and flexibility.


Our next-gen DXP is made up of 11 products, organized into three clouds. Content Cloud gives you world-leading solutions to manage your content from strategy to delivery. Engagement Cloud gives you smart data, optimization, email marketing and ecosystem integration software to drive relevance in real-time. And Commerce Cloud provides flexible e-commerce capabilities to serve B2C, B2B and marketplace operations with AI-powered product discovery and merchandizing over the top.

Plug-and-play flexibility

First and foremost, composability means all the products can work together seamlessly. You can think of the hexagons like Lego bricks, and you can assemble your unique stack using only the bricks you need.


We’re a friendly neighbor and have built all our products to work with products from other vendors, too. But while you might only need one Sitecore brick in your stack, we’re also developing our products to be “better together” – providing an end-to-end, fully integrated DXP for customers who want to partner more strategically with Sitecore.

Built for the future

All our products are built for standout digital experiences for tomorrow’s customer. They’re MACH-compatible. They’re microservice-based. They’re API-first. They’re cloud-native. And they’re headless. This is what makes plug-and-play integrations possible – and what makes composable faster, more agile, and more flexible.

From a user perspective, there’s a single sign-in across all our composable products and app switching capabilities to centralize all administration and connectivity within the Composable DXP. Think of it like Office 365 online, and you can add in other providers in your stack, too. It’s complete control, made simple with a modern UX.

Lower cost of ownership and faster time to value

All of this means that our composable software is more affordable and lets you realize value faster. It allows you to reuse existing components and build new features incrementally, rather than starting from scratch each time. This means lower development costs and shorter time to market, as well as increased efficiency and faster iterations. And by sharing resources and centralizing management with multi-tenant architecture, you get a more cost-effective and scalable solution for delivering digital experiences to a large number of users.

Composability also allows for greater flexibility and adaptability to changing business priorities and needs, enabling your teams to react quicker and get ahead of the competition. From greater business agility to deliver on changing strategic goals, through to the speed, quality, and efficiency of technical delivery and innovation, the impact of composable can be seen right through the business.

Dave O'Flanaghan is the Chief Product Officer of Sitecore. Find him on LinkedIn