Digital experience is more important than ever.

Customer expectations continue to grow – and meeting and exceeding them has become commercially critical for brands in every industry. Customers want to buy and spec a car as easily as buying a phone. And they want the B2B buying experience to be the same.

Delivering brilliant digital experiences isn’t easy. Grabbing people’s attention in a TikTok world is incredibly hard – and keeping them engaged is even harder. Brands need to build experiences that differentiate their brand and deliver for every customer in every moment.


Every customer is unique

On top of all that, brilliant digital experience means something different to every customer. They want every experience to be relevant to them. And they want to be engaged as an individual with their own preferences and priorities.

Some customers may want to self-serve online. Others may want to speak to a person at some point in their journey. And they all want buying journeys to fit around their lives. That might mean searching at home on their laptop; buying on the train on mobile; or choosing to collect in store at the end of the day.

Every business is unique

In the same way, no two businesses are the same, either. We’ve got incredible customers in every industry from luxury fashion, to airlines, to global manufacturing. All have different business models, strategies, and operations – with customers looking for different things when it comes to brand experience.

For a retailer, it’s how your customer feels when they walk into your store and pick up your product. For an airline, it’s how they feel when they step onto your plane and are greeted by your cabin crew. The challenge for all these businesses is to replicate those experiences in the digital world.

The future is composable

We believe in a future where brands can assemble a stack as unique as their business – to meet and exceed the needs of every customer. And they can build that future with composable.

Composable software gives you the plug-and-play functionality to create the digital experience stack that’s right for your business. It means you add only the products you need, and integrate simply with tech from other vendors. And as your business grows and evolves, your tech stack can grow and evolve with it.

“Composable means you’re future-proofed against whatever tomorrow brings.”

Composable means choice. Composable means flexibility. Composable means you’re future-proofed against whatever tomorrow brings.

On top of all this, composable SaaS products give you more agility for your marketers and developers, faster performance, and unparalleled time-to-value for your business.

We’re going on an exciting journey with composable – and we’d love to bring you with us.

Dave O'Flanaghan is the Chief Product Officer of Sitecore. Find him on LinkedIn