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Individualized experiences in real time

See how others are using Sitecore Discover to improve customer experiences and drive results

Lane Bryant increases conversions with individualized Landing Pages

Business challenge

Lane Bryant of Ascena Brands was looking to improve their shopper experience and generate more online revenue. They identified their high-traffic landing pages as an area to focus on. With a one-size-fits-all experience, these pages weren’t converting as well as they could.


Sitecore Discover partnered with Lane Bryant to develop individualized landing pages. These pages were designed to slot in approximately 20 cross-category products based on individual shopper behavior — dynamically and in real-time.


With Sitecore Discover Lane Bryant achieved:

  • A 6% increase in conversions with recommendations

  • An 11% increase in conversions with full-page search

  • A 13% increase in revenue per visit for full page search

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A 20% reduction in bounce rate and an additional $500k in revenue — in 2 weeks

Business challenge

The leading home retailer that thrives on surprising and delighting shoppers both in-store and online was experiencing a high number of 404 errors, leading shoppers to bounce from the site at high rates. Since 74% of people will immediately leave the site when experiencing a 404 error, it's important to help the user get back on track quickly and seamlessly.


By partnering with Sitecore Discover, the home retailer took a merchandising approach to their 404 pages. Leveraging the Recommendation Widget, they showed personalized product selections to each shopper experiencing a 404 error. Designed not only to keep the shopper on the site, this approach also appears to have increased the propensity to make a purchase.


By two weeks after deployment, this retailer:

  • Achieved a 20% reduction in bounce rate

  • Generated an additional $500k in revenue

online store screenshot

A personalized homepage leads to big results in one week

Business challenge

A leading online multicategory retailer is revolutionizing the rent-to-own industry. After initially deploying Sitecore Discover recommendations on their site, they saw a significant bump in conversion rates. However, the e-commerce team's job wasn’t done. Despite generating substantial traffic to the homepage, its one-size-fits-all experience wasn’t converting browsers to buyers at the rate they wanted.


By leveraging Sitecore Discover modules within HTML blocks on the homepage, they dynamically curated the most relevant products for each individual shopper. And they didn’t stop there, but went on to create a holistic personalized experience — from the home page to checkout. 


Within the first week of deploying the dynamic home page, the retailer:

  • Increased paid-search conversion rates by 14%

  • Increased checkout completion by 5%

  • Reduced bounce rates by 4%

  • Increased new-shopper checkout completion by 2.5%

  • Decreased checkout abandonment by 10.5%

online store screenshot

Modern furniture retailer increases revenue per visit by 14%

Business challenge

A leading modern furniture retailer was initially seeing good results from deploying Sitecore Discover recommendations on their site. However, the e-commerce team still needed to continually optimize the shopper experience and increase revenue per visit.


The retailer prioritized synchronizing relevancy across the experience platform based on the purchase intent of the individual consumer in real-time. Product recommendations, category and landing pages, search, content, and email were strategically deployed to create hyper-relevance.


  • Reduced time to cart by 30%

  • Increased in Revenue Per Visit (RPV) by 14%

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Sitecore Discover

Intuitive to use, scalable, and delivered on the cloud, Sitecore Discover powers highly engaging and individualized shopping experiences for brands and retailers — in real time. Keep exploring to learn how businesses are driving more revenue by delighting each customer.

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