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Delivering connected digital products and services

To meet evolving customer needs, CNH is transitioning its business strategy from being a manufacturer of physical products to delivering connected digital products and services. The company had 120 websites in multiple languages, 20 disparate digital platforms, and 150,000 digital assets across its four premier brands: CaseIH, NewHolland, CaseCE, and Steyr. To deliver its new connected products and services, CNH needed a unified foundation for digital asset and content management that would support the businesses’ transformation, enhance efficiency, and provide engaging digital experiences for customers.


A composable approach to a global project

CNH partnered with Sitecore partner Avanade/Accenture to transform its digital platform on a global scale with Sitecore Content Hub DAM and Sitecore Experience Manager (XM). With a composable approach built on Sitecore solutions, CNH has established a single repository for its 150,000 digital assets and a unified content management system across its 120 websites.

Sitecore Content Hub provides the company with catalog-as-a-service capabilities to organize, maintain, and synchronize product information across channels and touchpoints. Customized dashboards help track asset importing, schema changes, and large publishing activities to ensure consistency and accuracy. “With Sitecore technologies, CNH can deliver on our multisite and multi-market strategy, while enabling localization to match the needs of individual markets, with maximum efficiency and scalability,” said CNH Solutions Engineer Amit Celly.


Improved customer experiences with complete content control

With a composable DX foundation built on Sitecore solutions, CNH now has a consolidated, dynamic, and cohesive brand presence with enhanced security and streamlined management. The company has improved customer experiences with simplified navigation, a 360-degree view of products, customized search results, and new features such as a product comparison tool and dealer locator.

CNH has optimized site performance by up to 30% with faster page loads thanks to better product catalog management. In addition to a 24% increase in new site visits, CNH has also enhanced user engagement, with 30% of visitors converting with form submissions, file downloads, promotional banner clicks, and exports of product specifications.

“With Sitecore, we have smarter, more secure, and sustainable foundations so we can deliver faster, more compelling, timely and reliable information about our products to customers while improving our internal user experience at the same time,” commented Ishan Dubey, Engineering Director at CNH.

Consolidating on a unified Sitecore platform has improved control and efficiency for CNH’s digital marketing teams by breaking down silos, while the reusable component library in Sitecore helps ensure brand consistency and accelerates content creation and updates. With digital foundations built on Sitecore, CNH will be able to support its business strategy of delivering more connected products and services.