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Battling competitors, protecting market share

The More from Emirates NBD mobile banking app gives users access to thousands of product, food, and travel discounts. Underpinned by Sitecore technology, the app has helped the bank lead the consumer credit card market in the Middle East. To increase its market share and grow revenue, Emirates NBD wanted to deepen the user experience by enhancing its personalized deals and offers. This would help Emirates NBD build brand loyalty, increase customer engagement, and drive higher customer spending. With the anticipated increase in business activity via the app, the platform would also need to support an uplift in users and traffic.


Maximizing its Sitecore solution

Emirates NBD re-engaged with Sitecore business partner Horizontal Digital to help expand and enrich the features and functions of its More from Emirates NBD mobile banking app. The solution enhances the company’s Sitecore-based customer experience, commerce, and personalization, enabling Emirates NBD to finely tune highly personalized offers. With Sitecore, the bank leverages customer preferences and interests in food, restaurants, budget, and location, to target leisure and shopping deals, and flight, hotel, and ticket offers. 

Sitecore’s flexibility was key to seamlessly onboarding MasterCard and other premium brand partners onto the app, enabling the bank to launch a new virtual MasterCard voucher exclusively available to customers through the More from Emirates NBD app. The improved app also includes a new ‘Shop by Amazon’ feature for clients to build Emirates NBD credit card rewards and cash back. Greater functionality includes integrated location-based personalization to get the right deals to the right customers in the right place. Soon Emirates NBD will launch additional app features such as utility bill payments with discounts and rebates, and travel and experience booking capabilities. 


Increased revenue, traffic, and better CX

Sitecore technology has transformed the More from Emirates NBD mobile banking app. Improved personalization and added features and functions enable the bank to deliver highly targeted offers. The enhanced, unified customer experience has significantly increased customer engagement, loyalty, and spending.

Measurable impacts for Emirates NBD include 25% more online sales and 150% higher monthly revenue from the ‘Shop by Amazon’ section. The number of deals, discounts, and offers available to Emirates NBD cardholders via the app has also increased to over 5,000. As app sign-ups have tripled and downloads have risen to over 100,000, increased customer engagement has delivered 119% growth in visitor traffic and a three-fold rise in screen views, which Sitecore easily supports. Average time on the app has shot up 228% to four minutes, while engaged sessions are up by 160%.

The simplicity of the Sitecore platform means no external development resources are needed for new product launches. Emirates NBD’s internal marketing team is empowered to update the app without relying on costly agency support. Meanwhile, the valuable data and user behavior insights provided by Sitecore enable Emirates NBD to make data-driven decisions to further optimize the mobile app's performance and user experience.