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GE Healthcare Life Sciences provides the technology, equipment, and supplies that enable much of the world's life science research, from cell therapy to forensics. The company wanted to reflect its industry leadership with a best-in-class digital experience for customers. Its goals for this localized, personalized omnichannel experience were to improve customer engagement, increase acquisition and retention, and boost sales.

Working with EPAM, GE Healthcare Life Sciences used the scalable, powerful Sitecore® Experience Platform™ to create a digital experience that's more personalized, more responsive to customer requests, and better able to track campaign participation and results; as well as more automated for greater efficiency.

The resulting digital experience serves audiences around the world through 41 different websites. GE Healthcare Life Sciences projects a 50% increase in online transaction revenues in the first year after launch. The number of quote requests rose 30% in Q1 2018 compared to Q1 2017, individual customer spending went up 21%, and institutional spending went up 323%.


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