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Nidec streamlines a complex brand portfolio for easy customer navigation

Nidec’s Appliance, Commercial and Industrial Motors division (Nidec ACIM) is a global manufacturer of industrial brands. Although diverse in its breadth of product offerings, customers of specific brands, such as U.S. MOTORS, were unaware of the complete portfolio.

Growth through acquisition, plus the management of multiple web properties, drove Nidec’s need for a new web platform that would direct visitors to new solutions and valued brands.

The company engaged Layer One Media to architect their digital solution, and chose Sitecore’s Experience Platform for navigation, simplified administration, and flexibility.

Nidec’s strategy now unifies the web experience across all its brands, while still enabling each brand to maintain its brand identity. The new platform also meets requirements to support 12 languages, as well as rapid onboarding of new brands and acquisitions.