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Achieving differentiation in a global market

With a launch that attracted extensive media coverage, luxury hotel and resort owner Kerzner sought to reach a wide, global audience. Both understanding the needs and interests of potential visitors and then giving them a unique and exceptional experience would be key to success. Kerzner wanted to improve the way it manages and delivers content across all its digital channels. A data-driven personalization strategy would also be critical to ensuring the experience at a Kerzner hotel or resort would not only surpass its competitors, but also engage visitors who were thinking about making a booking.


Composable Sitecore architecture and advanced analytics

Having seen significant customer engagement and retention benefits from its Sitecore-based digital platform for its other venues, Kerzner decided to build on that success. Kerzner selected Sitecore solution partners RelevantEdge ApS and Include ApS to enhance its Sitecore Experience Platform with advanced, micro-analytics dashboards and Sitecore’s composable Content Hub DAM, respectively. Kerzner uses Sitecore Content Hub to produce and simultaneously update its mobile applications, mailings, and websites with the same content, including hundreds of new pages about Atlantis The Royal. By integrating Sitecore Digital Rights Management with Sitecore Content Hub, Kerzner is seamlessly managing licensed celebrity-related content.

With advanced micro-analytics, Kerzner is personalizing customer engagement based on website visitor location, behavior, and interests. This is especially effective on high-traffic pages where user journeys focus on room, restaurant, and marine water park bookings. Thanks to Kerzner’s Sitecore-powered, composable digital platform, the company also quickly and seamlessly integrated associated applications such as RelevantEdge Machine Learning and organic keyword analytics.


Better engagement, more revenue

In addition to attracting millions of social media impressions and website visits, Kerzner has seen a two-fold increase in personalization-driven page conversions and an eight-fold increase in conversions when personalization is used to target booking abandonments. Further revenue-generating improvements include a 64% increase in location-based abandoned booking conversions. Website performance has also improved with server response 13 times faster.

With Sitecore, Kerzner’s digital team reduced the time needed to stand up the new website for the Atlantis the Royal grand opening by half and time to enable interactive content by three times. Over 200 modular content assets were created and delivered in a personalized way in real-time to customers engaging with the various digital Atlantis The Royal touchpoints.

Further improvements with Sitecore Content Hub DAM include 45% smaller average desktop image sizes on initial page load, and 71% smaller average mobile image sizes on initial page load. This has helped to improve Google Lighthouse scores for desktop and mobile by 20% and 23% respectively. Around 23,000 assets, including all image alt text information, language variations and meta tag information, have been migrated into Sitecore Content Hub.