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Creating immersive digital experiences that reflect cruise luxury

Scenic understands that its customers’ priorities are based around having great experiences, both in person and digitally. With increasing competition in the luxury cruise market, the company decided to step up its digital capabilities both to reflect its focus on luxury and innovation and increase engagement with a new generation of customers. This meant optimizing its sites for mobile, enabling personalization, and supporting rich and varied content. With an outdated legacy web platform, Scenic didn’t have the flexibility it needed to meet these objectives, and marketers often required assistance from the IT department to make website changes. The company wanted to elevate its customers’ online experiences while empowering marketers and enhancing content management with a future-proof digital platform.


New sites align with globally televised docuseries

Scenic is working with a leading digital agency and Sitecore partner, Deloitte Digital, to modernize its web platform. Using a SaaS and composable approach, Scenic migrated to Sitecore Experience Manager CMS, integrating Sitecore Sitecore CDP and Sitecore Personalize digital engagement solutions. An opportunity to feature its newest yacht in a Discovery Channel docuseries meant expediting the launch of six market websites focused on the Scenic Eclipse. Thanks to the flexibility of Sitecore, Scenic was able to pivot the project to align with the start of the series, while continuing to build 13 other sites focused on its other ocean and river cruises in parallel.


Empowering marketers to reach new audiences

With Sitecore, Scenic is streamlining content management and optimizing content delivery across its three ocean, river, and land tour brands in six markets and multiple languages. Enhanced and personalized digital customer experiences on Sitecore are boosting Scenic’s competitive advantage, attracting new customers, and accelerating business growth. Improvements to the web infrastructure and data handling have resulted in better web performance with 1,200% faster page load speeds. The Sitecore platform is completely scalable in AWS, providing the speed, security, and performance that Scenic needs to handle large volumes of traffic.

The composable Sitecore platform empowers Scenic’s marketing team with seamless and efficient content management workflows, eliminating their need for IT assistance to make updates, and speeding content creation by 40%. Marketers are now able to test and refine content to better reach new audiences, and drive up site visits by 42%. The team has also enhanced the user experience with better search capabilities, making it 70% quicker to find content, and bolstering Scenic’s ability to showcase its ultra-luxury experiences. Using reusable components and templates in Sitecore, marketers are creating content faster and more consistently, breaking down internal silos, and improving business agility.