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Insurance Microsite Accelerator


Create and manage B2B2C microsites for insurance agents

Support your agents, build loyalty, and drive increased lead generation with a Sitecore microsite solution designed specifically for the insurance industry.


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Provide customizable microsites to help agents promote themselves, find, and access product information, target local markets to generate and close leads with built in accessibility, analytics, and SEO features.

Purpose-built on Sitecore using modern architecture and development practices, our accelerator leverages headless SXA, React and Next.js and is deployed to XM Cloud.

With extensible templates and components, standardized architecture patterns for integrations, and a customizable user experience, you can get up and running quickly to support full or partially automated site creation, as well as enabling agents self-service capabilities for managing their own microsites.

Empower your agents with microsites

Creating microsites for agents can drive multiple benefits, including:

Hyperlocal visibility: Agent microsites can be customized to include geographically relevant content. This includes incorporating local keywords, phrases, and references that resonate with the target audience in a specific region. By tailoring the content to address local needs, preferences, and concerns, microsites can improve their visibility in hyperlocal search results.

Brand consistency: By providing a microsite capability, insurance companies can establish a framework that guides agents in creating websites aligned with the brand's standards. This helps maintain a consistent brand image, messaging, and user experience across all agent microsites, fostering trust, credibility, and recognition among potential customers.

Agent loyalty: By equipping agents with a powerful online platform, marketing support, training, and resources, the company strengthens the agent/company relationship, fosters loyalty, and encourages long-term commitment to the shared goals and success of both parties.

Increased lead generation: By creating microsites, agents can generate more leads by providing valuable content, engaging with potential customers, and driving traffic to their website. This can help increase sales and revenue for both the agent and the insurance company.

Better analytics: Microsites can be tracked using analytics tools, which can provide insights into user behavior, engagement, and conversion rates. This information can help agents optimize their microsites for better performance and help the insurance company make data-driven decisions.


A complete microsite solution for insurance agents

All the features insurance agents need to manage their online presence


Customizable site structure & UX

Site templates are configured with customizable navigation and site structure and styled to meet brand guidelines


Self-service capabilities

Provide access to brokers and agents to update their information, access company branded content, add additional content, and promote their sites.


Optimized for SEO & analytics

Sites come with appropriate structured tags and on-page SEO standards for hyper-local ranking. Built-in analytics tagging drives measurement KPI’s trackable in Google Analytics.


Automation, entitlements & search

Common patterns and hooks for integrating with systems of records for provisioning and deprovisioning of microsites. Intelligent search redirects to search when microsite is removed.

Unlock even more value with add-on capabilities


Enhanced agent search

Leverage the power of Sitecore Search to identify the most relevant agents are returned and recommended using AI and flexible rules.


Personalization jumpstart

Leverage Sitecore Personalize and CDP to optimize microsite performance with personalized offers and recommendations.


DAM integration

Ensure brand standards are followed on agent sites, while ensuring the right assets are readily accessible.

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