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Drive digital transformation and achieve ROI up to 10X

LeanConvert integrates into your organization to provide effective, software-agnostic expertise and effortlessly executes customer-driven optimization and personalization.


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LeanConvert teams integrate into your organization to help identify and implement the Sitecore platforms that work for you, delivering value-based solutions by attributing all the work they do to a specific return on your investment.

Approaching marketing solutions with an actionable testing approach, your LeanConvert team will experiment with what works and run marketing services for you. Testing, tracking, and optimizing in real time means you can create a cycle of continuous improvement and discover the optimum solutions for long-lasting success, whether in design, strategy, development, analysis, or all of the above.

How does it work?

Brand Guardian sits within Sitecore Content Hub, using visual recognition to analyze your content and check that it follows your chosen set of rules and guidelines.

Brand governance

Ensure your brand’s visual identity is used correctly and consistently across all marketing assets.

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Guarantee that all content is visually accessible and meets your diversity and equality requirements.

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Check all assets are compliant with legal, industry, and market regulations wherever they’re being published.

Creative excellence

Give creative freedom back to your content teams and ensure all assets are optimized for the channels where they’ll be running.

Take control of content quality

The sustained increase in communication channels, the sophistication of personalization, and customer expectations are all putting pressure on content creation for marketing teams. Businesses are struggling to find efficient ways to monitor brand consistency, maintain diversity, and keep accessibility front and center while delivering creative excellence across every platform. That’s where Brand Guardian comes in, saving teams time and effort while increasing creative freedom so they can focus on asset creation and strategy.

Discover the tools that enhance efficiency and creativity

Quality control

Set rules to maintain quality and content consistency across your brand.

Reduced workloads

Use approval rules and automated checks to remove obvious errors.

Aligned workstreams

Ensure content teams and markets don’t work in silos.

Speed to market

Remove content review bottlenecks that cause deadline pressure.


From its base in the cloud, use the platform across all your owned marketing tools at no additional costs.

LeanConvert help find the solutions that solve your challenges

Under-utilized tech stacks

LeanConvert will help you optimize your current tech stack where possible, rather than just purchasing new software.

Inappropriate technology

Don’t just settle for the cheapest, easiest technology – LeanConvert will make sure your organization implements technology that will improve your results.

customer journey

Underperforming customer journeys

LeanConvert pairs behavioral analytics with impact mapping to turn customer insights into customer value – simplifying and tailoring the customer journey to increase conversions.

Discover the Brand Guardian solution

See what Brand Guardian can do for your business.


Brand Guardian in action

See how Brand Guardian works in the use cases below


Using visual recognition, each creative asset is scanned and then used to make a determination of apparent age, gender, and ethnicity.

Brand governance

Here, the image is checked against the creative facts and analyzed against the predefined brand rules.

Creative Excellence

Different output channels require specific file formats, sizes and characteristics like dimensions and aspect ratios. Assets are checked against their target channel rules to ensure optimal fit.


In highly regulated markets, the presence and prominence of specific terms and conditions or disclaimers can be checked.

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