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Deliver smarter experiences

Sitecore Customer Data Platform

Transform marketing efforts into intelligent experiences that acquire, serve, and retain customers by using Sitecore CDP to capture, unify, and activate omnichannel customer data.

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Key capabilities

  • Collect, connect, and unify customer data from any channel
  • Segment data based on users that share common attributes, behaviors or transactions
  • Experiment and optimize experiences in any digital product, app, or channel
  • Apply AI-driven digital decisioning capabilities to connect operational data
  • Share and activate learnings from real-time audience insights across your organization

Data drives intelligent experiences

Sitecore CDP


Smarter digital decisions

Make smarter product, content, and offer recommendations that balance customer needs and business priorities with a next-gen decisioning engine.



Deliver personalization in real time

Activate customer insights to power personalization. Turn prospects into customers. Drive retention, and ultimately, loyalty.

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Fuel your organization

Understand every customer in every moment and share real-time audience insights across your marketing stack and broader teams in your organization.


Intelligent experimentation at scale

Build a culture of experimentation by running tests on new features or experiences in any product, app, or channel, to deliver a standout customer experience.


Create customer journey visibility

Visibility into the customer journey empowers brands to deliver more meaningful outreach and personalized experiences.


Headless Delivery at Scale

Deliver consistent content across all touchpoints

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Automated Personalization

Take the guesswork out of personalization

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