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A best-in-class CMS for better experiences

Sitecore Experience Manager

A CMS needs to be as powerful as the business it serves. Discover the web content management system (CMS) trusted by some of the world’s largest enterprises.

Master your content creation and delivery with Sitecore Experience Manager® (XM)

  • Easily scale content creation with drag-and-drop simplicity and visual editing and preview capabilities
  • Create an optimized experience for any channel: mobile, voice, and emerging channels
  • Enjoy a leading .NET CMS with enterprise-class security and reliability
  • Benefit from easy integration with other business-critical systems and data
  • Deliver in-session personalization to tailor experiences and boost conversions
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Tackle multisite, multilingual content

Your market is global. Your CMS should be, too. Quickly and easily create, manage, and deliver content across thousands of sites and in multiple languages, all from a single platform.

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Tackle Multisite


Write once, deliver everywhere

The days of re-creating content for each website, platform, and channel are done. Deliver perfectly sized and scaled content across every device, display, and channel, for a consistent experience across the customer journey.

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Write Once


Drag, drop, done

No more surprises. What you see is what you’ll get with both Experience Editor and our next-generation editor Horizon. Create, manage, edit, and store content with easy-to-use tools, drag-and-drop templates, and visual previews.

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Volvo’s sales increased 7%, web traffic went up 31%, and brand rose from #22 to #7 in the L2 2018 Automotive Digital IQ Index report

Volvo – 2018 Sitecore Experience Award Winner

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The freedom of flexibility

From language translators to advanced search modules, Sitecore XM works with hundreds of third-party marketing solutions.

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More Sitecore XM features you can count on

Supercharge your content with world-leading web content management that’s easy for marketers, powerful for IT.

Experience Editor

WYSIWYG editor to easily make changes on the page


A user-friendly way to create engaging forms and collect visitor data

Sitecore Publishing Service

Reduce the amount of time it takes to publish volumes of items

Sitecore® Experience Accelerator (SXA)

Drag and drop, user-friendly interface for non-technical content authors

Sitecore Mobile API for Xamarin

Portable Class Library (PCL) that lets developers work with items and fields

Data Exchange Framework

Integrate third-party content, analytics, and other data


Flexible and scalable search options

Active Directory

Integrate domain users and groups as Sitecore users and roles

Sitecore® JavaScript Services

React, Angular, and Vue frameworks for Sitecore development through JavaScript

Media Library

Manage images, documents, videos, and audio files

Sitecore Identity

Membership capabilities with single sign-on across all Sitecore applications

Device Detection (in-session)

Detects visitor device details and locates them based on their IP address


Consistent client-server communication in applications

SharePoint Connect

Integrate SharePoint assets and Sitecore content delivery engine

Sitecore Experience Platform™

Personalize your experiences with precision

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Sitecore Content Hub™

Streamline your entire content lifecycle

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