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Sitecore Managed Cloud

Focus on creating better customer experiences and driving business results by outsourcing infrastructure responsibilities.

Digital experiences at the speed of cloud

Sitecore Managed Cloud service actively hosts, monitors, manages, and maintains the installation of Sitecore Experience Platform™ (XP), Sitecore Experience Manager® (XM), and Sitecore Experience Commerce® (XC), enabling you to:

  • Focus on achieving business results faster, while constraining costs and ensuring the highest security and brand reliability
  • Deploy Sitecore on Microsoft Azure’s flexible, enterprise-grade cloud platform via Azure App Services (PaaS) or Docker Containers with Kubernetes across a multitude of global data centers
  • Reach new markets by scaling your solutions nearly anywhere in the world

Get to market faster with greater peace of mind

Sitecore Managed Cloud deployment options offer exceptional levels of scalability, performance, and availability.

Familiarity, scale, and peace of mind

Be a superhero to your business and marketing departments with enterprise reliability and scalability:

  • Automatically scale instances, and take advantage of fully automated and repeatable provisioning
  • Benefit from comprehensive monitoring and support available 24x7x365 to maintain 99.9% availability
  • Meets all enterprise security requirements and compliances
  • Deployments managed by Sitecore cloud experts

Faster time to market for digital marketers

Get the best of Sitecore (XM, XP, and XC) in the cloud:

  • Deploy Sitecore instances in as little as 30 minutes
  • Eliminate backlog wait times — IT can instantly support the dynamic world of personalized marketing by quickly deploying sites and campaigns in minutes, not weeks
  • Quickly and easily add sites for new geographies to support evolving business priorities

More flexibility for your business

Enable your business to change and adapt to new business dynamics and opportunities:

  • Support your business through peaks and growth elastically
  • Eliminate capital infrastructure cost; Sitecore Managed Cloud optimizes budget with pay-as-you-go metering
  • Access to infrastructure resources whenever and wherever your business needs them

Whats included

Key services provided by Sitecore Managed Cloud

Availability SLA


Support access

24 x 7 x 365

Incident response time

15 to 60 minutes

Security compliance ISO, SOC2, PCI

Elastic scaling assistance


Managed PaaS or Docker Containers with Kubernetes infrastructure with
WAF, Front Door, SOLR, CDN support


Disaster recovery solutions available


Configurable back-ups

Advanced infrastructure monitoring


Dedicated customer success manager

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