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Drive Business Value with Sitecore

Our Frameworks & Methodology

In this section, we share the ever-evolving insights and best practices for increasing digital maturity with focus on methodologies, tactics, frameworks, processes and organizational aspects of digital maturity.

Explore our methodologies below

Our methodologies blend marketing and technical expertise so Sitecore customers can achieve rapid and optimal business results while maintaining implementation quality and reducing operational and technical risks.

If you have clients on the Sitecore platform, or your organization runs its digital experiences on Sitecore, you can leverage these best practice planning frameworks to prioritize segments and tactics that will drive business value. Learn more below.

Strategy & Frameworks

Within the Business Consulting Services (BCS) team, we split our strategy and frameworks into two avenues. Optimization and Value Creation.

When referring to optimization we are focusing on ensuring that regardless of what products you have, you are using them in the most optimal way utilizing the full set of features.

When reviewing value creation what we are homing in on is doing the right thing. Having access to different capabilities means using them to their fullest potential, for the most valuable use cases, experiences and experiments you could be doing. 


Data Ingestion Review

This is an Assessment of what data you are currently sending into Sitecore and how you are using it, what additional data you have available that you should consider bringing in. So not only online data, but offline data, or other channels.  

Data insights

Sitecore CDP out-of-the-box dashboards provide a variety of quantitative data behavior to reveal insights into customers’ decisions. Insight dashboards review KPIs that matter to your business, and track the performance of your experiments and experiences. These specific dashboards can be reviewed to highlight trends and results from the personalized strategies undertaken with your Business Consultant*.

*we’re not data scientists, so we won’t come back with detailed data trends. But we will highlight results and trends from the personalization strategies we’ve done together.

Data Export Review

Assessment of what data you are currently extracting from Sitecore and how you are using it, what additional data you have available that you should consider extracting. 

Sitecore can also export data from the CDP. One of these data extractions is called the BDL, with is essentially all the daily data received through the CDP; this information can then be pulled into your businesses own data analytical tools in order to take a deeper dive into your customer behaviors. Another data export is found within the batch segmentation tool. An audience built within this product can be exported and used within social media or email campaigns.

Segmentation and Personas

This is an assessment of segments and personas you have defined, how you are using those segments and personas and how you can use them better. Think here about contextual, explicit, and implicit data. 

Personalization & Testing

An assessment of your current personalization practices, and give feedback on best practices, followed by personalization and testing, for e.g. A/B testing, followed by a measurement framework to monitor your personalization tactics. 

Operating Model

Here we broadly look at the ideation process involving: 

  • Team: Is your team greater than the sum of its parts? Do they have the requisite knowledge to be effective?
  • Process: Do you process support your team or get in the way? Where are the bottlenecks and how can they be removed? 
  • Artefacts: Are you documenting scope, implementation, and results? Are you doing that efficiently?
  • Tools: Does your team have the right tools to complete their tasks? Do your tools enable your process and artifact creation?

Marketing Automation

Being able to automatically execute marketing scenarios constructed in a form of a flowchart with various elements such as pre-defined marketing actions, rules and conditions helps to streamline marketing processes. We look at: 

  • Product Usage: here we asses Is your product usage as streamlined as it could be? Is there room for automation?
  • Automated Campaigns: Are all your messaging touchpoints being hit? Can your stats be improved? Are you cross selling / upselling effectively?
  • Paid Media Campaigns: Are you using Sitecore's first party data effectively in your paid media campaigns? 

Content Optimization

This looks at your Digital Asset Management tool, Content Hub, looking at:

  • Content Operations: Are you collaborating effortlessly on content strategy, creation, and analytics?
  • Content Management: Are you creating and delivering content across all your channels and markets?
  • Digital Asset Management: Are you centralizing all your digital assets and can you deliver them to any customer?

Value Creation

Value Creation Maturity Assessment

Using custom surveys to assess status and possible room for improvement. Sharing these findings and recommendations to align strategies. 

Backlog Management

Identifying backlog management to help move things forward. Asking customers to think about their own problems, and we help come up with the solutions such as:

  • Value definition
  • Experience Ideation
  • Art of the Possible

Customer Engagement

Segmentation, targeting, positioning: Are you positioning your products and services effectively to target different groups of customers? We will help you:

  • Define your segments
  • Decide which ones to target
  • Develop a positioning strategy

Customer Journey Mapping: What are the different stages your customers step through and how can they be modified to drive the right outcome? We focus on:

  • Channel – which ones are most effective?
  • Product – which ones are selling well, where, and to whom?


  • Strategic Objectives Framework: Our framework for aligning strategic and marketing objectives with digital goals (conversions)
  • Engagement Value Scale: The Engagement Value Scale (EVS) is a Sitecore scoring and measurement methodology used to measure the engagement level of your contacts by tracking and scoring actions taken, or goal conversions
  • Potential, Importance and Ease (PIE): Our simplified methodology for selecting customer segments to focus on for your optimization roadmap (e.g., personalization, marketing automation, decisioning). PIE stands for Potential, Importance and Ease of targeting.
  • Digital Relevancy Mapping (DRM): An efficient multichannel content mapping methodology based on your customer journeys, their intent, your targeted conversions and required content or functionality
  • Organization: Our perspective on maturing your digital teams and processes: core team roles, the extended digital team, cross-BU organization structures and coordination mechanisms; as well as transitioning to agile team processes and agile organizations

Want to know more?

Talk to one of the Sitecore Business Consulting Services team members to get information about our methodologies and frameworks to see how you can push your marketing team to the level