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Clouds, portals, and pages … oh my!

When experience is everything, you need to get it right. Our latest product releases and enhancements provide simplicity for marketers and agility for developers. Marketers get business-focused tools, simplified workflows, and intuitive UX, while developers can build with the modern frameworks of their choice. With streamlined deployment and management, our solutions empower you to deliver the customer experiences that drive results.

Sitecore XM Cloud: The modern, agile CMS

Content is the foundation for every experience. Continuing our legacy of innovative content management, we’re proud to announce the release of the modern, agile, cloud-native CMS: Sitecore XM Cloud. Providing more speed and control, XM Cloud lets brands put the focus back where it should be — on meeting customer expectations and delivering best-in-class omnichannel experiences.

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Manage content with ease and speed

With a unified, modern platform for easy, effective, and speedy collaboration, brands can get up and running faster than ever before while quickly launching, evolving, and optimizing digital experiences.

Reach further with more relevance

Sitecore XM Cloud is personalization ready. With a seamless connection to Sitecore Personalize, it's simple to configure A/B testing and personalization.

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Streamline Experience Management with Sitecore Pages and Cloud Portal

Sitecore XM Cloud provides its own level of speed when it comes to deployment, but your teams should be able to work at the speed of cloud too. Sitecore’s new XM Cloud features, Pages and Portal, help teams create efficiencies for everyday tasks — from content creation to management, experience updates to publishing, and more.

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Sitecore Pages: Intuitive editing for marketers to create one-of-a-kind experiences

A new editing experience with XM Cloud delivers page building as a fully SaaS front-end application. By decoupling editing from content management, Sitecore Pages increases agility and the ease of building and maintaining experiences.

Sitecore Cloud Portal: Front-end management for Sitecore’s composable products

Included in XM Cloud, our new Cloud Portal is a single point of access for customers into composable products. Easy access for customers and partners, centralized user management, and the ability to jump between our SaaS products — each user can customize our composable solutions based on their unique needs.

Outsource your infrastructure ownership with Sitecore Managed Cloud Premium

Increase business resiliency, streamline time to value, and adopt innovations faster by letting Sitecore take care of your product deployment. Sitecore Managed Cloud service actively hosts, monitors, manages, and maintains the installation of Sitecore XM and XP. So your teams can focus on creating memorable digital customer experiences.

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Unlimited benefits with Managed Cloud

Considering a cloud deployment for your Sitecore XM or XP investment? From improved performance and availability to lower latency, scalability for marketplaces, and reduced maintenance costs, the benefits of outsourcing with Managed Cloud are huge.

Drive business results and scale for success

When Sitecore handles site uptime, automatic infrastructure scaling, comprehensive 24/7 monitoring, and expert support, you have the confidence your experiences are live, reliable, and can scale when needed. Your business should run around the clock — but you shouldn't have to.

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