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Optimize the customer journey

March 20th, Lisbon:
Presidential Tribune of the Benfica Stadium
Av. Eusébio da Silva Ferreira
1500-313, Lisbon, Portugal
9:30 – 17:00


Optimize the journey of your customers

Would you like to create a world where everyone feels like a preferred customer? Sitecore’s ‘Optimize the customer journey’ is an exclusive event focusing on brand experiences, what your customers are looking for, and why they buy. Gaining insight into innovative technologies and strategies, attendees will discover ways to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Why attend?

Join us to learn how other brands are simplifying and personalizing experiences. You will:

  • Learn key elements from brands leading the charge on digital transformation
  • Discover how to optimize Sitecore 9.1 and partner technologies to drive these changes
  • Understand ‘machine learning for marketers’
  • Review what’s next for branded and digital experiences

Agenda – Under construction

09:30 Registration & Breakfast
10:00 Welcome
10:05 Optimize the customer journey
Meeting customer expectations in the experience economy isn’t easy. But it is possible. It just takes commitment—and, of course, advanced technology helps. By customizing web experiences based on past preferences, companies can demonstrate their appreciation of and value to their customers. Learn how world-renowned brands are achieving impactful results by changing the way they engage with customers via more meaningful experiences.
10:20 The Consumer Apocalypse: reinventing customer experience
Over the last decade, there have been tectonic shifts in consumer behaviour. The result – even the bastions of commerce have fallen foul. Major brands that have previously survived major recessions and even global wars have gone out of business or cut back considerably on their operations. The challenges that brands now are facing are unlike no other experienced before and they are multifaced. This session serves to sum up 9 major market forces that are driving these changes and offers approaches and examples of organisations who are fundamentally changing their business models and marketing strategies and who are not dying but thriving.

By Paul Fennemore, EMEA Digital Transformation Consultant at Sitecore
10:50 Customer Testimonial from our host Benfica Stadium
By Joao Copeto from Benfica Stadium supported by GFI
11:15 Break
11:45 Optimize the customer journey with Sitecore partners - Salesforce
By Tiago Machado, Senior Account Executive | Salesforce Portugal
12:05 Customer Testimonial from Banco Big
By Tiago Eusébio, marketing manager supported by Accenture
12:25 Customer Testimonial from Lusitania
By António Carlos Carvalho from Lusitania supported by Noesis
12:45 Lunch + Tour + Booth visits
14:20 The Business Case: how to build a customex experience management strategy?
Almost half of companies fail in taking a scientific approach to technology investment. An approach very much needed in order to build a solid business case for investing in new technology like Machine Learning & Personalization. The absence of a business case is a key reason for lack of investment in customer experience management strategy, along with poor boardroom understanding and the perception of digital as tactical. CMO's are widely responsible for building the business case for technology investment but how can they do more to quantify the benefits of this new technology.

By Paul Fennemore, EMEA Digital Transformation Consultant at Sitecore
15:00 End