The Digital Survivor series has produced more than 40 webinars, presented by some of the world's leading digital marketing experts and web psychologists, covering a wide range of digital marketing topics.

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(Please note that some presenters may have unintentionally used profanity during their webinar. We apologise for any offence this may cause, and ask that you focus on the insightful content instead).

Tom Goodwin 100x100
Tom Goodwin
  A New Theory for Disruption

In a talk that spans business theory and advertising, lessons from tomorrow and trends for the future, Tom will challenge conventional thinking, keep you interested and give our clear actionable steps for the journey ahead.
Adam Ferrier
Adam Ferrier
  If Batman Designed Your Website

What would happen if the darkest of our superhero's Batman took control of your online experience.  

In this webinar with Adam Ferrier, you'll find out about the psychology behind the power of Batman, and what would happen if you applied this to your web design.
Dirk Ullrich
Dirk Ullrich

  Design Led Thinking and Human Centered Design

In this webinar, Avanade's Dirk Ullrich and Sarah Awan will look at how starting with the end user first, through design led thinking and human centered design, allows businesses to break free of established thinking and to identify and focus on what is important to stay relevant not only today, but more importantly to be relevant in the future.
Ben Beath 100x100
Ben Beath
  How to Leverage Behavioural Science, Patterns and Narrative in the Age of the 'Segment of One'

Drawing on decades of behavioural research and insights gleaned from Loud&Clear's Experience Design team, this session will be worthwhile for any person looking to combine brand-driven storytelling with real-time data-driven personalisation. 
Cass Kelsall 100x100
Cassandra Kelsall
  Experience Led Commerce - Stop Selling Products, Start Creating Moments

This session covers:
– Identifying the ‘Must-Win-Moments’ for your brand
– Transactional Experiences vs. Emotional Experiences
– Basic techniques to develop emotionally resonant e-commerce experiences
– Steps you can take to create an emotional connection with your consumers
Niccola 100x100
Niccola Phillips
M&C Saatchi
  Mining for Magic Marketing Pixie Dust - How to Think Creatively and On-Demand

Great ideas are elusive beasts that never seem to be around when you need them most. Too bad that they’re in greater demand than ever.

This inspiring and entertaining webinar will cure you of your fear of the blank page and arm you with practical techniques that will have you producing fresh ideas on-demand and around the clock.
Accenture 100x100
Marc Bender
  Whose Job is it Anyway? Why CMOs are Responsible for Growth

Accenture research found that in Australia, 8% of CEOs believe the CMO will drive marketing / sales / service integration.

The session explores three key actions for CMO’s 
1. Shift focus from traditional to disruptive growth levers 
2. Prioritise customer experience innovation 
3. Drive better collaboration between marketing, digital and IT

Stina Frantzich Gardiner
Birgit & Alvar
  Digital Content Strategy, Management, Writing and Editing - and a Note About Accessibility 

A solid content strategy, effective content management, creative writing and robust editing will enable you to reach, keep, inform and convert your customers online.- this webinar provides a crash course in all four disciplines.
Allan Godfrey
Allan Godfrey
Royal Life Saving Society WA
  Driving Real Time Customer Engagement

In January 2016, Royal Life Saving Society WA implemented Sitecore as its customer experience digital platform. Today, the charity's website delivers over $100K real time monthly sales across a variety of business activities.  

In this webinar, RLSS WA explains how increased customer engagement and new marketing channels have helped it to deliver increased sales and reduced operating costs. 
Trevor Clarke
Tech Research Asia
  “I’m sorry Dave, I’m afraid I can’t do that” – The Reality of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence 
In this Digital Survivor webinar, Tech Research Asia director, Trevor Clarke, will help you to understand how you can apply these services in your organisation and what you need to consider.

Matt Wallaert
  Snowflakes in a Blizzard: Uniqueness, Belonging and Marketing to the Individual

In this talk, behavioral scientist Matt Wallaert lays out some of the psychological theory behind how we form our identities and the role that products play in reinforcing identities with brands, goods, and services.

Alison Ray
The Brand Agency
  Where Digital and Offline Collide: Integrating Digital, Social and Mobile with Brand Strategy

The session will focus on:
• Understanding what different strategies focus on
• Breaking down silos between these strategies
• Understanding how all strategy is brand strategy
• Customers viewpoint
• Getting alignment across the whole team
Brent 100x100
Dr Brent Coker
Melbourne University
  Going Viral

Dr Brent Coker has been researching the techniques and science behind the world’s most viral ideas for over a decade, and in this webinar he will share the latest research explaining why things go viral, packed full of practical examples, and what causes consumers to share. 
FuseIT 100x100
Terry Humphris
  7 Ways to Capture Visitors on your Website

This webinar considers key ways to captivate visitors by looking at their state of mind and how their needs are best met with techniques like personalisation and comparative decision-making. Terry looks at how to excite and retain visitors, while carefully moving them towards submitting a web form or purchasing a product or service.
Codehouse 100x100
Matthew O'Neill
  Personalisation - A Curated User Journey

Enterprise CMS platforms offer many ways of manipulating the online experience for website users; with such capabilities now readily available, how can we improve our established website user journeys? This session explores how to introduce automation into your website and how to design your website with personalisation at the core of the customer experience.

Mike Zeederberg
  Determining the ROI of your Digital Activity

This session focuses on the principles of creating a measurement framework that connects digital channel activities with business outcomes, and highlights methods, techniques and ideas for how to create “actionable insights” from the data generated by your digital activity, based on real world experience working with a range of clients.  
Tom Goodwin 100x100
Tom Goodwin
  Driven to Distraction – 8 Factors Shifting the Future of Advertising

In this session, Tom explores 8 themes that capture the spirit of the modern world; including the pervasive internet (and the disappearing digital divide), the new realities of VR and AR, and advertising that builds to form stories. Exploring the nature of our changing attention span, and new tactics like content marketing and native advertising, this webinar is educational, inspiring and hopefully a bit funny.
Paul Greenberg 100x100
Paul Greenberg
  From Online Retail Through to New Retail - Lessons Learnt

Throughout this webinar Paul Greenberg, Founding director of NORA (National Online Retailers Association), will discuss his journey from the start up of Deals Direct through to the founding of NORA as well as his thoughts on the three pillars of "new retail": Technology, Customer-centricity and a global borderless perspective.

Rahul Khosla
  Law 2.0 - How Legal Firms Can Take Advantage of Digital Disruption

No business is "disruption-proof". This webinar will unpack why law firms can no longer ignore digital strategy and walk through how to leverage world-class customer engagement using cutting-edge context marketing, predictive analytics, personalisation and cross-channel integration.

Dominic Byrne
  Forget Big Data! A Guide to Small Data Strategy

In this Digital Survivor webinar, Digitoro's Dominic Byrne reveals his SMALL data plan with client, Coco Republic; a strategy that includes:
• Attempting to solve cross-device and cross-channel attribution
• Understanding what online success looks like
• Differentiating traffic segments
• Activating website visitors who are yet to convert
Stackla 100x100
Peter Cassidy
  Harnessing The Power of User Generated Content

By opening your marketing strategy to freely shared user generated content, you provide an opportunity for your fans to be more connected than ever before to your business.

Learn how to harness the power of the people to tell your story with greater impact and loyalty.
Golden Krishna 100x100
Golden Krishna
Designer at Google
  The Best Interface is No Interface

In this webinar, based on his best-selling book, 'The Best Interface is No Interface', Golden Krishna challenges our world of nagging, screen-based bondage, and shows how we can build a technologically advanced world without digital interfaces. Golden reveals fascinating ways to think beyond screens using three principles that lead to more meaningful innovation.
 Erica orange 100x100
Erica Orange
The Future Hunters
  The Future Begins Now: A Look at The Metaspace Economy

Using macro-social, economic, technological and demographic trends as a catalyst, Erica uncovers several emerging global trends for 2017 and beyond that are revolutionizing the future of marketing.
Niccola Phillips
M&C Saatchi
  Mindful Marketing: Creativity in the Age of Data and Personalisation

Mindful marketing explores how data and personalisation can be utilised and leveraged to create smart, fresh and insightful creative outcomes. It argues for a creative renaissance for the modern world; the creation of mindful marketing moments where ideas and analysis happily coexist and thrive in each other’s company.
Kazim Nami 100x100
Kazim Nami
  Captivating the contemporary consumer

In this webinar, presented by Sitecore's Commerce Specialist, Kazim Nami, you'll learn about the evolving retail market, and how your business can use technology to adapt and embrace change.

Mark Ritson
Melbourne Business School
  The Death of Digital and the Era of Integration

In this 'Non-Digital' Survivor webinar, acclaimed marketing professor and branding columnist Mark Ritson will challenge fashionable thinking on the place of digital and social within the marketing mix and argue that the power of traditional channels often outweigh the flaky metrics of social. 

Jon Maxim
  Thinking Outside the Inbox: Email Copywriting

Jon Maxim, a multi award-winning copywriter, shares the insider’s tricks to writing clearly and effectively for email; including:
• Email timing and etiquette
• Spelling, proofreading and structuring
• Tone of voice
• Tips and techniques for email subject lines
Anthony Hook
  Investing in Customer Experience: How Financial Services Can Reap Digital Dividends

In this Digital Survivor webinar, Sitecore’s Anthony Hook will discuss:
•    How the FSI is changing - and where it’s heading.
•    The challenges and how they can be overcome.
•    How your business can take advantage of future changes.
Troy Outtram
Deloitte Digital
  Omni-channel Customer Journeys

In this Digital Survivor webinar, Deloitte Digital Director, Troy Outtram, will discuss the importance of setting up campaigns to track digital advertising spend across channels, in order to make more informed business decisions.

Matt Wallaert

  Rethinking User Behaviour: Competing Pressures, Identities and Our Curated World 

In this Digital Survivor webinar, behavioural scientist, Matt Wallaert, talks about Competing Pressures Design, a psychology-based method for thinking about product and service design, using science, startups, and plenty of practical examples to help you put theory into practice. 
Brian Strojny 
Insite Software

   B2B Ecommerce: 5 Keys to Boosting Online Revenue
In this Digital Survivor webinar, you'll learn to:
• Plan and create a business case to validate the customer relationship and revenue impact
• Consolidate all of the content and interfaces necessary to support that customer relationship
• Connect all your systems together to ensure you have total order automation
Michaela Aguilar
   The Basics of Conversion Rate Optimisation

In this Digital Survivor webinar, you will learn:
• The basics of conversion optimisation
• Organisational maturity model
• Conversion methodology
• Path to personalisation
• Psychology of decision making (behavioural economics)
• A/B testing quiz
Genevieve Clay-Smith
Genevieve Clay-Smith
Taste Creative
  The Power of Storytelling to Make a Difference

Insights from a filmmaker about how storytelling can be used for more than just entertainment and that the best stories have universal themes and messages that help audiences make sense of the world. 

Storytelling has the power to shape social perspectives, challenge people and create positive social change, now more than ever, people are yearning for stories that are emboldening and encouraging.
King Content
Claire Austin
King Content
  How to Measure Content Amplification

In this webinar, King Content's Claire Austin and Lucy Walker will discuss how to measure content amplification effectively and gain valuable insights. Discover what metrics you should be concentrating on, where to find this data. 

It will also provide insight into how to drive actionable insights from the data that can be shared with the business and assist in building a more effective marketing campaign.
Dave Anderson
  How Website Performance Impacts the Customer Experience 

In this session, Dave Anderson from Dynatrace looks at how leading companies measure the impact of speed on the bottom line (one major US retailer correlates a 0.5 second site slow down to an 11% reduction in conversions!). Reviewing local and global digital performance benchmarks, Dave also weighs-in on the debate about who should own digital performance and the consequential customer experience it generates.

Lisbeth Chawes
  How to Utilise Your Data on Social

Today, social is a very mature channel with a lot of possibilities for integration within your omnichannel strategy, and a proven track record for driving business innovation and revenue. 

In this Digital Survivor webinar, Komfo’s Partner Director, Lisbeth Chawes, presents actionable insights, as well as the latest research findings and case studies showcasing how to utilise customer date through social channels.
Anthony Hook
  Driving Revenue From Your Email Channel

In this Digital Survivor webinar, Sitecore's Anthony Hook covers best practices for email marketing, including content, design, dispatch timing, personalisation and analytics. Anthony will also share examples from organisations that are delivering ROI through their email channel.
2DataFish Tim
Tim Chapman
  When Personalisation Goes Wrong (And How To Avoid It)

In this session, Tim Chapman from 2DataFish looks at a range of personalisation pitfalls, including:
• Executing without proper vision and strategy
• Personalising with the wrong products or to the wrong person
• Breaching privacy

Alison Ray
Alison Ray
The Brand Agency
  Email Marketing - The Forgotten Art

While email marketing is seen by marketers as one of the most successful digital tools in terms of return, it is often the most neglected. In this session, Alison gets back to the basics of deliverability, data capture, design and the use of landing pages to ensure our emails are given the love they deserve.
Dee MadiganDee Madigan
Campaign Edge
  Why Creativity Matters

The digital world has changed everything, in that audiences are segmented, empowered, bombarded and easily bored. What has not changed is that creativity is still the key to communication. In fact it’s more important than ever because there are now more places people can not pay attention to you. As the great Ad-man, David Ogilvy, once said: “People look at what interests them. Sometimes, that happens to be an ad”.
Nicole McNabNicole McNab
Vanson Bourne
  Mobile: From Brand Realisation to Customer Reality

With brands now just a touch away in a consumer’s pocket, more and more prospects are moving to mobile as their preferred method of interacting and purchasing. In this webinar, based on the findings of a recent Sitecore-commissioned global study, Vanson Bourne's Nicole McNab explores the key elements that make up a positive mobile experience- and where the gaps exist.
Joe Smith
Ogilvy Australia
  Modular Thinking for Web

Approaching the planning, design and build of a website by breaking it down into components – or modules – is a simple idea with huge benefits. This entertaining and fast paced webinar offers practical examples for making modular thinking an integral part of your web planning, creative and build process.
Rebecca McSwiney 100x100
Rebecca McSwiney
  Lessons Learnt: Launching an Award Winning Content Strategy in Less Than 365 Days

We have all heard about how it is so important for companies to be developing and disseminating their content strategies. But where do you actually begin? This session share the learnings from an Australian University’s experience and what they would do differently.
Brian Solis 100
Brian Solis
Altimeter Group
  How Customer Context Improves the Customer Experience

In this webinar, Brian Solis discusses what businesses need to do to create exceptional customer experiences; you’ll learn:
•  What context marketing is and how it delivers superior customer experiences
•  How to design for the experience, not the device
•  Do’s and don’ts of customer journey mapping
•  How to put it all together with Experience Flows

Aaron Gawlinski 100x100
Aaron Gawlinski
  Personalisation: How Curating an Exceptional Customer Journey Online Drives Experience

Delivering a seamless experience, where relevant content is served to each user, will set successful brands apart in the coming years. This webinar discusses the best ways to utilise personalisation on-site, why it works and how important it is in driving a return for not only your customers, but your business.
Jeff Bullas 100x100
Jeff Bullas

  5 Key Strategies to Grow Your Web Traffic

Get over 5 million visitors a year to your website without paying Google or Facebook a cent. More than 18 million people have visited Jeff's blog and over 400,000 visitors a month drop into read his posts. Discover which social media networks drive the most traffic and how to automate your content marketing to save more than 110 hours per month.
Tracy Brown 100
Tracy Brown
  From In-Store to Online: Ecommerce in a Post-Channel World

In this Ecommerce webinar, DT's Tracy Brown and Tom Beeby will discuss:
• Creating service blueprints and how they bridge the gaps
• Click and collect; the perfect marriage of online and offline
• Connecting the dots between data silos to enable real-time decision-making
• Evolving the operating model to support always-on testing & optimisation

Trevor Clarke
Trevor Clarke
Tech Research Asia
  Digital Customer Experience Strategy in 2016: 
The Emerging Technologies on Australian's Minds

In this webinar Tech Research Asia's Trevor Clarke identifies several of the emerging technologies that are of interest to Australians based on two in-depth surveys, as well as a checklist of 10 strategy questions that all organisations should be asking about their own digital strategies.
Jeff Evans 100x100
Jeff Evans
  Customer Centricity

In this webinar, Epsilon’s Jeff Evans, will share his insights on the new ways of inspiring & measuring major leaps in customer experience and engagement;such as Return on Experience x Engagement (ROE^2) and other new approach on how marketers should optimise new channels to drive business equity.
Mitch Joel 100x100
Mitch Joel
  Algorhythm - The Pulse of Creativity, Data and the Future of Brands

We live in a culture of change. Disruption is everywhere. Digital transformation is imperative. We live in the Uber-ization of everything. Bring an open mind, because the world continues to change and challenge brands like never before. The new leadership is being a digital leader. Algorhythm is your compass. 
Jon Maxim 100x100
Jon Maxim
  Writing for Digital: Content for a Brave New World

Learn how to write quickly, yet well, how to harness the strengths of the different digital mediums to best effect and the pitfalls to watch out for. Topics include: Doing the homework; The writing proces; The medium is the message; Tone of voice; Headlines, blog titles and subject lines.
Scott Anderson 100x100
Scott Anderson
  How to Become a Context Marketer

In this Digital Survivor webinar, Sitecore’s CMO, Scott Anderson, discusses the rise of context marketing and provides a step-by-step guide in how to execute it effectively, using behaviour monitoring, personalised content and marketing integration.
Katie Dunn 100x100
Katie Dunn
Water Corporation
  Digitising and Mobilising Customer Service Delivery for a Government Trading Entity

Water Corporation shares its digital transformation journey and how it is improving customer experience, reducing cost to serve and influencing behaviour change:
•   Developing a customer centric digital strategy
•   Embedding a user centred design approach
•   Mobilising an extensive digital presence

Rohit Bhargava 100x100
Rohit Bhargava
  Non Obvious: How to Curate Ideas and Learn to Predict the Future

In this exclusive webinar, participants get a first ever look at the methods Rohit uses to predict the future and learn the five essential habits that will change the way you think. This webinar will also reveal the seven new marketing trends changing business in 2016.
JamesJames Ingram
  The Digital Future of Retail: The In-store Experience

In order to remain relevant, retailers have to look at taking the benefits of the online experience, and bringing them in-store with technology. In this webinar, James discusses the importance of bridging the gap between online and brick-and-mortar, by integrating technology, content and interactivity into the physical retail space.
Sean Dylke
  How to Use Experience Marketing & Data to Create Lifetime Customers

In this webinar, Oakton's Roland Irwin and Toyota's Sean Dylke discuss:
•  Understanding the customer lifecycle – it’s more than just acquisition and retention
•  Knowing your customer - single view of the customer
•  Personalising the experience
•  Optimisation to increase engagement

Mark Floisand
  Ready-Fire-Aim: The New Imperative for Managing Customer Experiences

If your WCM doesn’t deliver consistent, engaging and relevant experiences across all channels, you risk losing those customers to competitors with systems that can. Join Gartner’s Mick MacComascaigh and Sitecore’s Mark Floisand for this informative discussion about what the rapidly evolving market for web content management requires from you and your organisation.

Colin Anstie
Raging Digital
  The Future of Social Media for Business

In this Digital Survivor webinar, you'll learn:
• The emerging trends in social content and where it is headed
• The changing face of distributing timely, insightful and engaging content
• Driving results from traffic and engagement within your target base
Ian Stewart
Stroke Foundation
  The Possibilities Of Digital Empowerment In Healthcare

Deepend's Kath Blackham and Chris Paynter discuss the future of web accessibility with the Stroke Foundation's Ian Stewart; this webinar also features a deep-dive into enableme, the Stroke Foundations's highly accessible website that utilises personalisation to offer stroke survivors an unparalleled digital experience and support on their post stroke journey.
Jane Headon
Jane Headon
  Enchantify: How to Design Digital Customer Experiences That Engage, Delight and Deliver a Touch of Magic 

In this webinar, you’ll learn:
• How to get started on your journey towards customer enchantment using next generation technology
• The critical role that data, analytics and clever content marketing plays
• When might tailoring the experience cross the line from magical to creepy

Kieran Flanagan
Kieran Flanagan
Impossible Institute
  What Makes Us Buy and Buy in: The Human Behaviour That Drives Consumers

If we want to sell we need to understand what makes us buy. This means spending less time on what makes what we are selling compelling and more on what compels human behaviour. In this webinar we will look at the driving forces behind human beings and 6 ways we can harness these natural drives to build better engagement and results.
Kris Croucher
Kris Croucher
Adelphi Digital
  Behavioural Psychology in User Experience and Conversion Design

This webinar explores practical insights into user behaviour and the application of behavioural psychology in UX design. Learn how digital psychology can:
• Help you glean insights into user behaviour and intent
• Create more relevant content and user experiences
• Reach the right audiences
• Keep up with the changing digital landscape

Alex Allwood
Holla Agency
  Customer Experience is the Brand - Getting in the Game

In today's highly competitive and commoditised marketplace customer advocacy is one of the most powerful marketing levers, delivering inherent value and representing market share growth, future revenues and profitability.
Lindsay Herbert
  Digital Transformation Before and After: How to Build a Digital Culture

In this webinar, you’ll see the results of some of the world’s best ‘before and after' digital transformation case studies, as Lindsay Herbert, Global Head of Digital for international digital agency Precedent, shows you how to build your own digital culture.
Tony Surtees
Tony Surtees
  Is Big Data a Big Deal?

It used to take Visa one month to process 73 billion payment transactions. Using big data methods, they have now reduced this to...13 minutes. Imagine the business implications of being able to detect, in just 13 minutes, a trend that would take your competitors a month.
Amelia Marriott
  Creating World Class Experiences for Mobile and Apps 

In this webinar, Hardhat's Amelia Marriott and Isabelle Bonin guide you through the research, tools, techniques and considerations that underpin best in class mobile experiences- as well as use cases for native apps versus web apps and what to do after hitting 'submit' on the app store.
Stephen Foxworthy
Stephen Foxworthy
Accenture Interactive
  Moment Mapping the Customer Experience

Understanding how your customers interact with your business across multiple touchpoints, and throughout their lifetime can identify opportunities to improve their experience. By breaking down user journeys into key ‘moments’, it becomes easier to prioritise and deliver digital customer experience improvements in an effective and agile way.
Alison Kramer
Alison Kramer
  Navigating the World of Digital Influencers

In this Digital Survivor webinar, Alison Kramer will talk about three ways in which you can connect with online influencers. You’ll learn about influencer metrics (and what they really mean for your organisation), how to identify and reach-out to the right influencers for your brand, and how to manage the problem of social extortion.
Tom Webster
Tom Webster
Edison Research
  The Mobile Commerce Revolution

Join Tom Webster, co-author of The Mobile Commerce Revolution, as he breaks down what having a computer in everyone’s pocket  truly means for brands and businesses. Webster will walk through the implications mobility has for consumer behavior, and how brands can proactively develop mobile strategies that are consumer-based, build loyalty and engagement, and be future-proof. 
David Cox
David Cox
  Prototyping: Agile's Secret Sauce

In this webinar, IE's David Cox reveals how his team prototypes, how this focus has affected planning and estimating of complex projects, how they can clarify uncertain outcomes for IE clients and how they chart business planning in the ever-changing digital landscape.
Rosie Simpson
Rosie Simpson
The Smith Family
  Testing, Testing: Using Storytelling & Design to Increase Web Form Conversions 

In this webinar, Rosie Simpson, The Smith Family, and Lorna Whitehead, Isobar, explain the testing and storytelling techniques that enabled them to increase online donation conversions by 33% and raise the average donation amount by 8%. 

Gabriel Ponzanelli
  It's Just a Few Steps to a Personalised Experience for Your Customers

While the idea of personalisation is anything but new, rapid advancements in digital technologies have removed the barriers and made it infinitely more possible. This webinar simplifies the seemingly overwhelming task of personalisation into a few easy steps that you can start right away!
Dietmar Dahmen
Dietmar Dahmen
  Digital Wolves

In a fun, fact and inspiration-packed webinar, Austrian thought-leader Dietmar Dahmen, takes you from the laws of ‘Adaption and Innovation’ to unparalleled powers of disruption. Dietmar shares his thoughts on what digital disruption does to our markets and how we can avoid being the lamb… and advance to become wolves.
Jay Baer1
Jay Baer
  Youtility: Why Smart Marketing is about Help not Hype

Youtility is marketing that is truly and inherently useful. It's marketing that cuts through the clutter and creates new customers. Filled with dozens of real-world examples (including several from Australia), this hilarious and powerful presentation will fundamentally change the way you think about your business.
Rich Parker
Rich Parker
Edge Agency
  Developing a Digital Content Marketing Strategy

We are living in an age where a great content idea, exploded out through digital media, can be both more effective and cost effective than traditional advertising. In this webinar, Richard Parker looks at global best practice for inspiration, and takes us through ten steps to developing a content marketing strategy.
Clare Swallow
Clare Swallow
  Content First: The Approach to Websites in 2015

In this Digital Survivor webinar, Cucumber’s GM Digital, Clare Swallow, and Web Strategist, Peter McHannigan, discuss the why, what and how of making content a top priority in your next website build.
Gavin Heaton
Gavin Heaton
  The New Physics of the Consumerverse

70% of buying decisions are already made before a customer connects with a brand. This means that "connected consumers" are discovering, debating and deciding on their purchase before they reach your marketing funnel. This webinar covers the changing landscape and the way you can use PANDAs (purpose, analytics, networks, digital and art) to transform your marketing. 
Edward Murphy
Edward Murphy
CPA Australia
  Driving Customer Engagement Through Personalisation

In this Digital Survivor webinar, CPA Australia’s Edward Murphy provides a step-by-step explanation of the organisation’s personalisation strategy- from persona planning, to implementation, through to the dramatic business results achieved.
Scott Stratten
Scott Stratten
  UnMarketing: Stop Marketing, Start Engaging.

This session covers both online and offline methods of staying in front of your target audience, so when they have the need to buy, they choose you. From social media, to traditional local events, there are proven ways to connect more than ever before and after this session you have the practical tools to implement the tactics right away.
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