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Mapping the illogical consumer

How qualitative research will improve your path to purchase

A lot of the small and large decisions we make as people are illogical, and the same principle applies to the way we shop. Although A/B testing platforms are becoming best practice for optimising purchase flows, behavioural anomalies cannot always easily be explained unless you engage with your customers in person. This session will uncover:

How qualitative research can improve our understanding of purchase behaviour
How post-channel commerce has affected the way we shop
How mapping services instead of websites provides opportunities for improvement

About the presenter 

Tracy Brown
Experience Design Strategy Director, DT
Tracy started in digital design during the dotcom boom of the late 90s, working as a front end developer, visual designer, creative director, IA, UX, innovation consultant and service designer before compiling all of those skills into her role as an experience strategist. She has worked with a number of FTSE-100 organisations, NGOs and start-ups across Europe. 

She joined DT at the beginning of 2014 to co-lead the thriving Experience Design team. Since then she has worked with Deakin University, NAB, Beyond Bank, Bupa, ASB and Coles, to name a few. In her role as the Experience Strategy Design Director, she ensures that the team are solving the correct problems through solid research and that the overarching solution has the best chance of success.

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